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My home is my favorite place to be, it's cozy and secure and my escape from the world. I bought my current home in December 2015 after finding myself newly single. I threw my time and energy into my home the design and decor as I adjusted into my new lifestyle and this new and much smaller home. I have thought through every detail to make the house functional and full of storage for myself and my 2 kids. While most days my house looks lived in I did clean up to welcome you to my home. 

Current Home:

                                  Laundry Room                          Half Bathroom                  Daughter's Boutique Closet

Garage Hallway       Livingroom        Dining Area       Kitchen 

Upper Hallway   Son's Bedroom     Daughter's Bedroom         Kid's Bathroom

Master Bedroom     Master Bathroom       Master Closet        Unfinished Basement       Landscaping

Back Patio       Garage

My First House:

Home Office        Entry       Livingroom      Dining Room     Kitchen

Half Bath      Family Room   LaundryRoom   Upper Hallway     Extra Bedroom

Son's Bedroom     Daughter's Bedroom      Kid's Bathroom        Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom        Basement Livingroom         Basement Kitchen        Basement Bathroom

Basement Kitchen      Basement Pool Room      Basement Home Gym       Landscaping

Back Deck

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