Thursday, March 23, 2017

Daughter's Walk-in Closet Update

My last post was my daughter's updated closet. I had all the pieces in place and even added an outlet to make it easier for her to plug in her flat iron and curling iron, but I still needed to get a mini blind on that little window!

That little window faces the sun so a ton of light pours in making that closet very bright and very hot! Plus when its dark out, there is no privacy from outside if she is in there with her light on.

I had planned to order from Select Blinds for $72, but ended up buying a blind and a cutting jig at Lowe's for about $30 instead. I did cut the blind myself and I must say it shows, yikes! But I think I can sand down the sides and smooth it all out. 

Hanging the brackets was so easy, and reducing the length of the blind was simple. I think I spent about an hour total on this blind for cutting and installing.

I also bought a new blind for her bedroom window so all matches. Here we go again! It's a centimeter too wide for the window 😓

As far as the closet goes, it's finished for now. All that is left is eventually getting her new flooring but we're a couple years away from that project. 

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