Thursday, March 23, 2017

Daughter's Walk-in Closet Update

My last post was my daughter's updated closet. I had all the pieces in place and even added an outlet to make it easier for her to plug in her flat iron and curling iron, but I still needed to get a mini blind on that little window!

That little window faces the sun so a ton of light pours in making that closet very bright and very hot! Plus when its dark out, there is no privacy from outside if she is in there with her light on.

I had planned to order from Select Blinds for $72, but ended up buying a blind and a cutting jig at Lowe's for about $30 instead. I did cut the blind myself and I must say it shows, yikes! But I think I can sand down the sides and smooth it all out. 

Hanging the brackets was so easy, and reducing the length of the blind was simple. I think I spent about an hour total on this blind for cutting and installing.

I also bought a new blind for her bedroom window so all matches. Here we go again! It's a centimeter too wide for the window 😓

As far as the closet goes, it's finished for now. All that is left is eventually getting her new flooring but we're a couple years away from that project. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Daughter's Walk in Closet

My darling daughter is growing up quickly! She's in eighth grade now and is really turning into a spectacular young lady. She is at a point that having space to experiment with hair and makeup is necessary, otherwise she is in my space!!

One thing about my house that I liked was her bedroom has a mini walk in closet with the cutest little window!  Seriously it's so cute but upon move in it was builder grade white paint and metal racks, plain, and not inspiring.

I wanted to re-imagine her space to give her the shelf space she already had plus a little extra, ample space to hang her clothes, floor space for her to maneuver around and to store stuff, and room for her desk (because her new bedroom was too tight to accomodate it) and a mirror. Keep in mind my goal is always to do a project on the cheap, so budget is always considered, This one was $200-250 max.

First step was pulling out the metal racks and patching the walls, easy enough! Second was narrowing down paint choices from like 30 colors to 1, Brooke and I did a process of elimination until she got down between a light coral and a light aqua, she picked coral and I picked aqua, figures! but either was a great choice. It's her closet so we went with her light coral, Sherwin Williams Snow Pa. I painted both the walls and trim/door (SW Ibis White).

Next we found shelves at Lowe's in an espresso brown and she chose dark brackets for the shelf walls, and chrome for the wall where her clothing would hang. Shelves were hung, then I begged Lowes to cut the clothing rods (they did for free, yay!) and I secured these in place. Also changing her light fixture was a must, a boutique closet must have a chandy right?

We had to purge and donate quite a bit, but she let go of things in order to have her little boutique closet. We hung the mirror I had bought from Home Goods years earlier, and put her desk back in after I steam cleaned her carpet. We organized her shelves and re-hung her clothing.

Last order of business was adding some extra storage on the walls. I used her door as a vertical hanging surface for her jewelry, headbands, and all of her wallets and change purses. I bought the cutest acrylic shelves from Amazon to hold nail polish and other make up. Then 2 shelves from Ikea (spray painted black) to hold body sprays and perfume.

I think we spent around $200 initially on this mini makeover. As we have used the little closet for a few months its become clear that she needed an electrical outlet in her closet, I had one installed by my electrician for $110.

Her cute little window still need to be covered I picked one out that will be cut to size and in the perfect shade of white from Select Blinds for $72, and I will install myself. Once the blind is purchased and installed this project will be complete.

These changes have added so much personality to her room and closet and transformed this into a little room that she loves to spend time in now.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

New House Laundry Room

I had finished my laundry room at the old house and loved it. Really loved it, the color was Aged Beige (Divine White for Sherwin Williams) and I painted the door SW Watery, the washer and dryer were a dark chrome and I added coat hooks and a small white cabinet.

At my old house I had the door leading to my garage painted Sherwin Williams Watery, but for this door I had enough Sherwin Williams Tidewater to paint my laundry room door both front and back. Tidewater is a bit softer and lighter than Watery and I like that it adds just a little something different than the other interior doors painted white.

In new house I didn't want to shake it up too much because again I loved the laundry room at the old house. I was able to reuse everything I had and when I bought my new washer and dryer I went with the same color. The only differences were the paint, I went with SW porch screen a light silver-grey, and a cute funky light fixture from Lowes ($22). Oh, and my new floors! the old house had some cruddy old floors. So overall I may actually like this laundry room more than the old house because the flooring sets it apart.

On the walls I reused my framed laundry prints, these were literally the cost of the frames $14 each and Command 3M picture hanging strips, the prints I found for free on Cottage Market and Shabby Creek Cottage blogs and printed on my color printer at home. The coat hooks were brought and reused from my old house and the cabinet also from my old house.

The back wall seems like wasted space so I am considering different possibilities for that wall, but I have to remember it's a small room so anything I do must be space conscientious. I am thinking either a hanging drying rack, or some very narrow shelves, right now the drying rack is my first choice. Stay tuned, but for now I love my little laundry space.

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