Monday, November 14, 2016

First Floor Half Bath

In my old house one of my favorite rooms was my half bath. I picked a very relaxing color, and beautiful vanity and cabinet, flooring was a neutral porcelain tile. That was a big half bath too, once you lose square footage you realize just how much space you had.  But that house is no longer mine so the bathroom belongs to the new residents, I hope they are enjoying it.

The new bath, oh gosh it was so plain and not functional, not sure how the lady before me dealt with it for 5 years. It's tiny first of all like a small kitchen pantry. She had it painted a darker shade of brown and before selling it she painted it a beige color, it was so so plain.  The bathroom had a pedestal sink, a too big towel bar, and a small unframed mirror.

I personally hate pedestal sinks, they function to wash hands, that's it. They have no storage, get my theme?? It's all about storage for me. Also, that pedestal was huge! too big for that tiny room. I would always demonstrate to friends just how big by sitting on the toilet and showing them that I could reach in the sink and pretend wash my hands at the same time as I was on the pot!  Not cool

My opportunity to remodel this room came when I got my new flooring, because the sink and toilet had to come out in order for flooring to go down. Once the pedestal sink was taken out there was no going back. I found a perfect sized vanity at Lowe's it was Drayden 25 inch grey brown vanity,  I paid $159. It's not solid wood but in that size vanity I really could not find anything in real wood except a few that were between $800 - $1500, which was out of my price range and really nothing I cared for. I chose the faucet Delta Boardwalk in chrome for $84, the towel ring and TP holder were also Delta Boardwalk for $21 and $24. The mirror I bought was Style Selections Chrome Framed mirror in 24w x 30h I paid $49 (my link goes to the Allen and Roth equivalent but it's $78). I changed the cabinet knobs to a chrome finish Sutton Place knob from for $8.03 each.

First order of business, patch walls and paint. This was a job because previous owner did a BAD patch job on the wall, but its all good now. Next was painting the walls the blue color, I chose Ocean Boulevard by Behr in satin but used Glidden paint which was $23 per gallon. This color was soft on the card but kind of bright on the walls. Last was installing the toilet and sink (thank you to my friend Michael for being my contractor).

Art I already had from old house, Museum Print James Ensor Seashells

After that came the more fun items like towel ring, tp bar, mirror, new outlet covers, and shelves. I made the shelves and will show that in another blog. The only outstanding item is the light fixture (Allen & Roth Flynn $112) that has not been purchased yet.

My goal was to do this one on the cheap, but with all the new items and the cost to uninstall and reinstall the sinks and toilet, I came in at $500 for the supplies (including the light) and $300 in labor cost.
Cabinet pulls from, print i had from old house, and shelves that I made
I am so happy with how this room came out, it has storage, counter space, shelves for some decor, and a pretty spa like blue color. Not exactly like the bath in my old house but similar and designed for this space.

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