Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Small Changes: Lighting

Hi friends - I have been hit or miss here, but so incredibly busy. Buying my new house was not expected and comes with starting over. My house is now 6yrs old and the original owner was cheap builder grade all the way, so updates were necessary. I am slowly, very slowly getting things put together but with work, kids, budget, and weather it takes so much time for those of us in the real world to finish a room. 

Most changes are small and affordable, and those are my first priority then I will move on to the more expensive changes. Ideally I would put in all new cabinets but I am being conscious of my home's value and not overspending on my changes. But some changes like the laminate counters and the vinyl flooring have to go! Flooring will be my first expensive change. All new lights posted here were paid for by yours truly, no freebies (haha I am not that "important"!).

One change I have been making that gives an immediate impact is the lighting. I have put a huge dent in the lighting change and am getting there! Just a few more to change out.

Here is a sneak peek of the fixtures I have changed, before (mostly the same ugly lights throughout) and my afters. I look forward to showing you what I have done so far in my house. Sorry these are all iPhone pics, I will post better ones as I show you the rooms!

Before: This one isn't bad and was in a Martha Stewart ad photo, but I had something else in mind. 
After: Globe from

Before: Nothing wrong with it, in 2,3,and 4 light in all baths, just not what I had in mind
After: Only in one bath so far, but I love it so it will go in all baths 
Before: This little $15 beauty was everywhere! I think 7 in total and 6 have been changed out!

After: These 4 lights replaced 6 of the 7 little white lights

Before: The standard boob light, all gone!

After: Another globe light
Before: 2 more boob lights, slightly different

After: Kids picked what they liked for their rooms

I have so much to share and am working toward getting enough down time to start showing you my work so far (nothing is completely finished yet!). More to come I promise.

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