Friday, August 26, 2016

Nordstrom Find (Sole Society) Bucket Bag

I love handbags/purses! It's trendy to say handbag, but I tend to say purse, I am not that cool, ha! As my daughter is getting older she loves mom's stuff so while I would love a closet full of expensive bags its just not practical, but who needs expensive to look cute?

I have a Macy's like 10 minutes from home and like 2 minutes from work so it's more convenient but the selection of the "cheap" bags isn't that great. They have beautiful designer bags but I am posting about cute affordable bags today!

Nordstrom I find has some affordable and cute bags and many are vegan, so no animal is harmed to make a bag! I also like that I can shop online and the pictures are true to life. Another bonus is I find bags on sale (so cheap cheap). My closest Nordstrom is a 30 minute drive! so online is ideal. I love some of the brands like BP, Street Level, and Sole Society.

This little Sole Society bucket bag is a dream. I have been wanting one for a few months and finally this one originally $59.95 was on sale for $25.98! So no way I was passing on this. It has beige interior and while there are no pockets it does come with a wristlet that attaches so no digging to find it! I just looked and black is gone but this is still available in white and cognac, both beautiful!
I haven't removed the plastic or tags yet! 
The material is a faux leather and it looks real and is so soft! The shoulder strap is adjustable. Also the bag has a magnetic close and the drawstring so not much is going to fall out if it's cinched shut.

I had a couple other items so my order was over $50 and my shipping was free! They ship as they have the items so my order has not all been delivered yet, but I like that they try to get what they can to you as quickly as possible.

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