Thursday, August 25, 2016

10 Minute Clean Ups

I am not afraid to admit that my house looks like a tornado blew through on most days. My kids are messy and leave dirty clothes/shoes, backpack, dishes, bottles, crumbs, or you name it laying around.  My dog Buddy will grab pencils that the kids leave laying and chew them up and he likes to pull the stuffing out of his favorite stuffed animals.

I have been looking for ways to keep the weekday messes under control without spending too much effort because I am tired after working all day  and I want to reduce the amount of weekend cleaning I need to do. Weekend cleaning should be the deep cleaning like in bathrooms, mopping floors, some laundry, and dusting but I do not want my entire weekend taken up on this.

I have been experimenting the past few days with 10 minute clean ups. I set a timer and choose an area to focus on and see what I can get done. I have done this twice with my kitchen and in 10 minutes I find I can unload and reload the dishwasher, wipe counters/surfaces/sink and make my breakfast or prepare kids lunches for next 2 days, or pack lunches in the morning. I get a good amount accomplished and my kitchen is cleaned up. I have not been able to get sweeping the floors in the 10 minutes though. I have been able to get a load of laundry started in these 10 minute kitchen clean ups too.

I had quite a bit of clean laundry sitting around waiting to be put away from the weekend, so my daughter and I did a 10 minute clean up for laundry before bedtime last night, and we were able to sort all laundry and put her and her brother's away in the 10 minutes. My laundry and towels didn't make it but it will be a 10 minute clean up for me after work today.

I will keep doing these as it is a challenge and being competitive it appeals to me.  Working in these short 10 minute increments breaks it up and makes doing weekday chores less taxing.

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