Thursday, May 19, 2016

Updated Master Bathroom and Bedroom

Hi Friends - it's been literally been 6 months since I last posted in mid-September. My life has been in chaos so I took time off to just go to work and get through each day. The craziness has finally died down and I miss posting my projects for friends to see and to document for myself.

The last project I did during my hiatus from HBT was some updating in my master bathroom and master bedroom. I admit my photos are taken on my iPhone so they may not be best quality but they definitely get the job done.

My master bedroom had one blue accent wall (Lowes - Color is Blue Maiden). This was painted in the first few years at the house, but the blue had run its course. The remaining walls were a true beige and I liked them still so I went with covering the accent wall with the same beige.

In my master bathroom, I had a pretty Ralph Lauren metallic paint in a metallic denim color (this was from the original metallic paint line from RL so I am not sure if they still make the same color). This was very pretty but very taste specific so I decided to pull that same beige from the bedroom into the master bathroom.

I re-painted all walls and I don't cut corners by painting around the mirror, I did remove the mirror to paint behind it. I know its a bit obsessive, but knowing I didn't fully paint would have made me nuts.

My goal of this project wasn't a total overhaul it was simply minor updating. So low cost and less than $100. I spent about $40 on the paint (Valspar) and I spent another $20-25 in wood to frame the mirror. I had just enough General Finishes Java gel stain and poly to stain the cabinet and the mirror frame. I also had left over adhesive from my main hall bathroom to attach the frame to the mirror. My vanity already had nice satin nickel hardware so I was not willing to buy new hardware just for the sake of being wasteful.

The mirror frame was wood casing and corner pieces from Lowes. This is the same frame I added in my hall bath but the casing and corner pieces were the larger sizes. I used the same frame and stain color as the hall bath so all 4 bathrooms were finished with dark stain and all had framed mirrors and appeared cohesive in the house.

I really love the dark java color cabinets too paired with the white/cream sink tops. Overall I really loved the changes in this bathroom and bedroom. They were simple but made the 2 rooms seems much larger and brighter.

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