Friday, May 27, 2016

Pottery Barn Outlet - Lina Duvet Cover, Dip Dye Duvet, and Fragrance Oil

While my kids were invited to a private suite for a baseball game last Saturday, I had plans to go to a birthday party at a co-workers house and then take a trip to Pottery Barn Outlet to see what new stuff they had out.

There isn't a lot that I need but I do like to look to see if any items I do have on my list for the future are in the Outlet discounted.
I did find some living room tables I wanted but I decided to hold off. I did however find a pretty duvet cover for my bed. I had been looking at Crane and Canopy pintuck in white, but it seems like everyone has that now, so when I saw the Lina Duvet in white it was similar to the pintuck duvet but still different. And it was discounted and it had no shipping and I got it now. It is still needing to be placed on my bed but is washed and waiting on me. I post a picture of both the white and the blue because the blue shows the detail a little better.

My daughter has a Dip Dye Duvet but mine has been problematic from the get go. Honestly I am not sure if she is just very rough on it or if the quality is not great. I have had to fix rips in the material and the material where it is gathered. The strip on the back has torn in several places which undoes that puckering of the material. So I have to keep repairing it from the inside.

The duvet I found was a return that had been washed, so the duvet was heavily discounted to $24.99! This is a $180+ duvet so I was pretty thrilled to find this. I already have the shams so I am all set.

The other thing I found at the PB Outlet was an oil fragrance/air freshener, I bought the Pomegranate. It smells really good.

Of course I like regular Pottery Barn too, but you cannot bet the prices at the PB Outlet. I found my kitchen table (Benchwright) and 2 of my chairs (Stella) at the PB Outlet along with many small decor pieces that were perfectly ok and discounted much more than the regular store or online. Really its a matter of looking at the item and making sure its not damaged and many times you get brand new items in boxes, so yay! Feel lucky to live close to the PB Outlet.

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