Thursday, May 26, 2016

HomeGoods Finds - Gold and Silver Bowls and Straw Keeper

Just quick post, I was skimming through my local HomeGoods and fell hard for these bowls $12.99 each, they also had in white. Get one before they are gone! I liked the silver and then saw the gold so I ended up getting one of each, but I am still not sure I need both. Since I am trying to downsize a bit I need to re-think if I truly need both, of the 2 I like the silver better.

I also got a straw keeper. It looks like a retro diner container with silver trim and lid and a glass cylinder body. I always use straws when I drink so I like the idea of having these on my counter so I can easily grab a straw versus digging in the plastic straw bag in my pantry. I have dropped straws on the floor a few times now so I think this will keep me from wasting unused straws.Having these on the counter also serves as a reminder to my kids that they should be using straws every time they get a drink. 

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