Friday, May 20, 2016

A New House!

I am happy to be back here. It's nice to have something to focus my extra energy on!

My last post came after a 6 month break from this lovely place. I was going through some hard changes in my life and it has taken me months to re-adjust and start anew. Part of starting anew involved selling my beloved house of almost 13 years, which let me tell ya just about killed me. But I have moved on and downsized into a newer and MUCH smaller house with a tiny yard that came fresh with lots of issues and challenges to be tackled.

Leaving my old house was difficult because I was making such great progress toward getting it to completion, so leaving with it not at my vision of its fullest potential has bothered me to no end. But so it goes right? I have my pictures and wonderful memories but its time to let it go and move forward.

In late December I closed on my new house, and had until Christmas Day in my old house, sort of an anti-present if you ask me. But new house is much smaller at 1386 sqft with an unfinished basement compared to the 2680sqft with a 1400sq ft finished basement house. Let's just say I have had the past 5 months to adjust and I am still not used to it. But its cozy, no doubt about that!

Bedroom #2

I didn't actually move in until 1 month later in late January, the home that I swore was so clean when I looked at it, revealed all the ugly secrets and truths upon me moving my stuff in. It was filthy and gross and I just could not take being in there more than 1-2 hours before I was so congested that breathing was a task. Brooke really struggled too.
Bedroom #3
New house is 5 years old and a 3 bedroom, with 2.5 baths, no home office, no dining room, no formal living room, and no extra 4th bedroom. The basement is much smaller as well, no pool table area, no extra kitchen, and I lose my exercise room. Its much smaller!
Upstairs Main Bath
I moved in most of the 2680 sq ft of home into the new house and it got to the point that nothing else would fit in the house or garage and I refused to let anything go to the basement out of fear that I would never go through it. I broke down crying over the house looking like I was a hoarder and some of my things were diverted to an extra garage until I could unpack some, which helped me a lot with focusing on the "hoard". And downsizing my stuff is essential in this new house, I just took a huge load to Goodwill and while losing those items sucked, seeing my garage a bit clearer yesterday was pretty exciting.
Master Bath
Master Closet

There are things I have grown to like and others that I still dislike, such as the horrible colors they had on the walls, the ugly red shutters and red door, honey oak cabinets, cheaper than cheap light fixtures and carpeting, and ugggly vinyl and countertop (that's all the expensive stuff!).
Bedroom #1 - Master

I have had a great head start on cleaning and updating but I still have lots do to. Look forward to sharing each room with you as I make this new house my home.

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