Friday, May 27, 2016

Pottery Barn Outlet - Lina Duvet Cover, Dip Dye Duvet, and Fragrance Oil

While my kids were invited to a private suite for a baseball game last Saturday, I had plans to go to a birthday party at a co-workers house and then take a trip to Pottery Barn Outlet to see what new stuff they had out.

There isn't a lot that I need but I do like to look to see if any items I do have on my list for the future are in the Outlet discounted.
I did find some living room tables I wanted but I decided to hold off. I did however find a pretty duvet cover for my bed. I had been looking at Crane and Canopy pintuck in white, but it seems like everyone has that now, so when I saw the Lina Duvet in white it was similar to the pintuck duvet but still different. And it was discounted and it had no shipping and I got it now. It is still needing to be placed on my bed but is washed and waiting on me. I post a picture of both the white and the blue because the blue shows the detail a little better.

My daughter has a Dip Dye Duvet but mine has been problematic from the get go. Honestly I am not sure if she is just very rough on it or if the quality is not great. I have had to fix rips in the material and the material where it is gathered. The strip on the back has torn in several places which undoes that puckering of the material. So I have to keep repairing it from the inside.

The duvet I found was a return that had been washed, so the duvet was heavily discounted to $24.99! This is a $180+ duvet so I was pretty thrilled to find this. I already have the shams so I am all set.

The other thing I found at the PB Outlet was an oil fragrance/air freshener, I bought the Pomegranate. It smells really good.

Of course I like regular Pottery Barn too, but you cannot bet the prices at the PB Outlet. I found my kitchen table (Benchwright) and 2 of my chairs (Stella) at the PB Outlet along with many small decor pieces that were perfectly ok and discounted much more than the regular store or online. Really its a matter of looking at the item and making sure its not damaged and many times you get brand new items in boxes, so yay! Feel lucky to live close to the PB Outlet.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

HomeGoods Finds - Gold and Silver Bowls and Straw Keeper

Just quick post, I was skimming through my local HomeGoods and fell hard for these bowls $12.99 each, they also had in white. Get one before they are gone! I liked the silver and then saw the gold so I ended up getting one of each, but I am still not sure I need both. Since I am trying to downsize a bit I need to re-think if I truly need both, of the 2 I like the silver better.

I also got a straw keeper. It looks like a retro diner container with silver trim and lid and a glass cylinder body. I always use straws when I drink so I like the idea of having these on my counter so I can easily grab a straw versus digging in the plastic straw bag in my pantry. I have dropped straws on the floor a few times now so I think this will keep me from wasting unused straws.Having these on the counter also serves as a reminder to my kids that they should be using straws every time they get a drink. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

World Market Finds - Baking Dishes, Outdoor Rug and Pineapple Measuring Cups

I live in the middle of a cornfield, well not really but it used to be! I live in the suburbs between Dayton and Cincinnati and let me tell you there has not been much here ever! Development has been underway and we are finally getting some new stores, I was elated a few years back when we got a HomeGoods haha, but seriously!

One store that has eluded this Area is Cost Plus World Market, rumor has it that there used to be one near Cincinnati, but I can tell you its not there anymore. The closest one to me is in Columbus (and they have like 4 stores), which is 1.5 hours away, but my mom and sister live up there so I incorporate my WorldMarket visits with visiting them. 

Because World Market is a treat that I get only so many times per year, I tend to surf the website and see what I like before I visit so I know what to grab while I am there. My last visit was about 2 weeks ago and I knew that the seasonal summer items would be out, I had some aqua acrylic cups I bought last year and wanted some more and in different colors (I think I got pink, red, and green). I got these, Pacific Acrylic Tumbler Glasses:

Photo Credit: Cost Plus World Market
I like pineapples I mean really like them. One of my favorite fruits to eat and I like how they look so pineapple decor in small doses is a yes for me! I found these adorable nested measuring cups in a pineapple container for $12.99, I cannot wait to get these set up on my counter for that pop of bright yellow.
Photo Credit: Cost Plus World Market
I was eyeing the bin of plastic outdoor rugs and loved this paisley printed red, green and yellow rug.  Its a 4x6 Red Santiago Paisley Reversible Rio Floor Mat made from 100% polypropylene. They had many different colors and styles all beautiful!
Photo Credit: Cost Plus World Market
Photo Credit: Cost Plus World Market
I found this cute blue print Kimono! Yes Please for $29.99. With shorts, leggings or jeans and a t-shirt this will be fun to kick back in.
Photo Credit: Cost Plus World Market

Photo Credit: Cost Plus World Market
I found some clearance baking dishes, lemon themed, one a tart pan and the other a loaf pan, both are so cute and have a recipe printed in the bottom. I paid $7.49 for each pan.

Photo Credit: Cost Plus World Market
I also fell for this little ceramic baker, just had to have it. It was $9.99 and perfect on nights when I am home alone and cooking only for 1.

Something else I have a thing for at World Market is the dish towels. I like changing it up with the colors and patterns and I like these towels because they are not absorbent fluffy towels like a bath towel. I tend to buy a few 1-2 times per year. These vary in price between $7.99 - $9.99.

Last but not least we found one of my all time favorite drinks at World Market last year, New York Seltzer, I just about fell over when I saw it. It comes in vanilla creme soda, root beer, peach, blueberry, concord grape, raspberry, black cherry soda and lemon lime. So good and a special treat, my kids like it too so we stock up every time and enjoy here and there.

Photo Credit: Cost Plus World Market
Kids found a bunch of stuff too, so my bill was a bit higher than normal but I think we stocked up pretty good in this trip.

Friday, May 20, 2016

A New House!

I am happy to be back here. It's nice to have something to focus my extra energy on!

My last post came after a 6 month break from this lovely place. I was going through some hard changes in my life and it has taken me months to re-adjust and start anew. Part of starting anew involved selling my beloved house of almost 13 years, which let me tell ya just about killed me. But I have moved on and downsized into a newer and MUCH smaller house with a tiny yard that came fresh with lots of issues and challenges to be tackled.

Leaving my old house was difficult because I was making such great progress toward getting it to completion, so leaving with it not at my vision of its fullest potential has bothered me to no end. But so it goes right? I have my pictures and wonderful memories but its time to let it go and move forward.

In late December I closed on my new house, and had until Christmas Day in my old house, sort of an anti-present if you ask me. But new house is much smaller at 1386 sqft with an unfinished basement compared to the 2680sqft with a 1400sq ft finished basement house. Let's just say I have had the past 5 months to adjust and I am still not used to it. But its cozy, no doubt about that!

Bedroom #2

I didn't actually move in until 1 month later in late January, the home that I swore was so clean when I looked at it, revealed all the ugly secrets and truths upon me moving my stuff in. It was filthy and gross and I just could not take being in there more than 1-2 hours before I was so congested that breathing was a task. Brooke really struggled too.
Bedroom #3
New house is 5 years old and a 3 bedroom, with 2.5 baths, no home office, no dining room, no formal living room, and no extra 4th bedroom. The basement is much smaller as well, no pool table area, no extra kitchen, and I lose my exercise room. Its much smaller!
Upstairs Main Bath
I moved in most of the 2680 sq ft of home into the new house and it got to the point that nothing else would fit in the house or garage and I refused to let anything go to the basement out of fear that I would never go through it. I broke down crying over the house looking like I was a hoarder and some of my things were diverted to an extra garage until I could unpack some, which helped me a lot with focusing on the "hoard". And downsizing my stuff is essential in this new house, I just took a huge load to Goodwill and while losing those items sucked, seeing my garage a bit clearer yesterday was pretty exciting.
Master Bath
Master Closet

There are things I have grown to like and others that I still dislike, such as the horrible colors they had on the walls, the ugly red shutters and red door, honey oak cabinets, cheaper than cheap light fixtures and carpeting, and ugggly vinyl and countertop (that's all the expensive stuff!).
Bedroom #1 - Master

I have had a great head start on cleaning and updating but I still have lots do to. Look forward to sharing each room with you as I make this new house my home.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Updated Master Bathroom and Bedroom

Hi Friends - it's been literally been 6 months since I last posted in mid-September. My life has been in chaos so I took time off to just go to work and get through each day. The craziness has finally died down and I miss posting my projects for friends to see and to document for myself.

The last project I did during my hiatus from HBT was some updating in my master bathroom and master bedroom. I admit my photos are taken on my iPhone so they may not be best quality but they definitely get the job done.

My master bedroom had one blue accent wall (Lowes - Color is Blue Maiden). This was painted in the first few years at the house, but the blue had run its course. The remaining walls were a true beige and I liked them still so I went with covering the accent wall with the same beige.

In my master bathroom, I had a pretty Ralph Lauren metallic paint in a metallic denim color (this was from the original metallic paint line from RL so I am not sure if they still make the same color). This was very pretty but very taste specific so I decided to pull that same beige from the bedroom into the master bathroom.

I re-painted all walls and I don't cut corners by painting around the mirror, I did remove the mirror to paint behind it. I know its a bit obsessive, but knowing I didn't fully paint would have made me nuts.

My goal of this project wasn't a total overhaul it was simply minor updating. So low cost and less than $100. I spent about $40 on the paint (Valspar) and I spent another $20-25 in wood to frame the mirror. I had just enough General Finishes Java gel stain and poly to stain the cabinet and the mirror frame. I also had left over adhesive from my main hall bathroom to attach the frame to the mirror. My vanity already had nice satin nickel hardware so I was not willing to buy new hardware just for the sake of being wasteful.

The mirror frame was wood casing and corner pieces from Lowes. This is the same frame I added in my hall bath but the casing and corner pieces were the larger sizes. I used the same frame and stain color as the hall bath so all 4 bathrooms were finished with dark stain and all had framed mirrors and appeared cohesive in the house.

I really love the dark java color cabinets too paired with the white/cream sink tops. Overall I really loved the changes in this bathroom and bedroom. They were simple but made the 2 rooms seems much larger and brighter.