Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Street Level Vegan Leather Tote Bag - Nordstrom's

I have not been doing much in terms of projects in the past week. I have been trying to recover financially as I have some bills I must get paid off first and I just wanted some time to rest and hang with my kids, you know just enjoy what I have accomplished.

My next project will be the master bathroom, similar to what I did in the kids bathroom. I want all my bathrooms to match in cabinet colors and style. I have been spending considerable time purging and donating and doing some deep cleaning in the bedrooms, particularly the kids bedrooms. I am also doing up keep to the cleaning, weeding, and small paint touch ups around the house. So I will get back on board with my next project soon.

As part of my chillin' I took Brooke to a local mall, Kenwood Town Center to walk around and window shop and to have a treat. Aaron was not interested in this at all!

We got to go to the Top Shop launch at Nordstrom, which had some really cute clothes and accessories, got to enjoy some refreshments and listen to the music the DJ was playing. However Nordstrom, if you are listening, discounts would have been nice for those of us who came and purchased at the Top Shop, hint hint, not all of us get free clothing/credits/pay from shameless rstyle shilling. The Top Shop launch was a very playful environment. While there I found the Street Level Vegan Leather tote bag that I have been eyeballing for all of 2015! They only had 1 left in the color I wanted so I decided after all these months to get it before its gone forever.

This is a big bag and reversible! I got the cognac and aqua combination. The cognac is a rich brown and the aqua is completely opposite and contrasting with the very light aqua tone. I prefer the aqua tone as it is very pretty and feminine and perfect for summer months, but the cognac will be gorgeous as autumn arrives and we switch to darker tones. Plus the contrast of inner and outer purse is striking.

I have been seeing Megan at Honey We're Home lugging this bag around in many of her clothing posts (making me jealous) and I was wanting it but at $48 I was hesitant to move forward with getting it. I know $48 isn't much but when you already have too many handbags its hard to justify $48 on a fake leather tote. Now that I have waited like 8 months and liked it in person and the color is being phased out for more autumn tones, I decided I was at the point of getting it.

Brooke loves it too, she carried it thru the mall and put all our little purchases in the bag as we went from place to place. It comes with a small inner pouch/wristlet that is aqua and Brooke was able to put her phone in the pouch for easy retrieval as she needed it.

You can buy it online or in person. I was glad I waited to see it in person though as I didn't think I liked it at first but as the minutes went by and I reversed it to aqua side out I liked it more and more. It comes in gorgeous colors (as in I could easily have more than 1 of these!) like cognac/black, cognac/burgundy, cognac/aqua, dark grey/light grey, navy/taupe, and pink/taupe.

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