Friday, September 18, 2015

Candy Corn Jars

Let's just preface this as I was hesitant to post this but everything we do is a learning process so I am going for it. I would describe this as a partial Pinterest fail, but I think it takes practice and technique.

I saw these adorable Sabrina Soto candy corn jars on Pinterest and decided it looked easy enough. I also saw where people were using a glue gun and writing on mason jars and then covering in paint. So chic, right?

I tried is all I can say. I must have the crappiest handwriting and the crappiest glue gun and combining them, well.... It must take lots of practice is all I am saying. But again I tried :-)

I used a spaghetti sauce jar in fear I would flub this up and waste a mason jar.

Lesson 1 - not only do you have to remove the label, also be sure to scrub the ink stamped time stamp off the jar (Windex pulls it off with a little help of your fingernail). I didn't and when the paint hit the time stamp blue ink ran down my jar. I was wiping it off with my fingers. This also lead to me over spraying and the paint dripped.

Lesson 2 - After you glue gun write your words, good luck painting over it! Again it gets into the spaces and loops, pools and then drips. Also with the 3 colors, it is hard when taping off around the lettering so I didn't get a good seal and it dripped into the finished color! Ugh, re-painting to do. And no I was not too close I was a good 12-18 inches from that jar!

Lesson 3 - Pull your tape off ASAP! I let it dry because I needed a second coat, and it pulled off the dried upper paint color I already finished. So I had to back track and re-do the white!

Lesson 4 - Probably better to use a plain jar or a mason or ball jar and not try to do the glue gun writing on these multi color jars that requires taped sections. If you feel confident go for it, but I am not sure I am the woman for that job!

Lesson 5 - Have a practice jar, if you mess it up you learn from the first jar. This is what I am showing you today.

My little jar despite all its challenges from a distance is very cute! Up close its a hot mess but still you can see what I was trying to do. I decided to use a thin black ribbon at the color separation lines to cover up some imperfections (haha, the whole jar is an imperfection) but it did help distract from many of the flubs on my jar. I do like the contrast the black ribbon adds. I didn't have the heart to pitch this jar, I think I may use it outside this year and put some flowers or twigs in it.

My kids and I are still working on other jars that are coming along much better now that we know what to do and what not to do.

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