Monday, August 10, 2015

Painting an unfinished cabinet

We bought a bunch of unfinished wood furniture from Lowe's 12 years ago. Back then Lowe's had a pretty cool section of RTA wood furniture but they were liquidating the inventory and doing away with that department. By the time I got in Lowe's all that was left was 1 cabinet in the box and a bunch of display furniture.

Of my score (a corner tv cabinet, a tall cabinet, a small storage cabinet, a coffee table and 2 end tables) the only one I have never bothered to update or paint was the tall cabinet that was still in the box.

I did assemble that cabinet all by myself back then but then the cabinet went into the spare bedroom while I decided how to paint the cabinet. 12 years later.....well you can guess where this is going.

But finally the brain fog in my head has lifted and my unfinished cabinet is now finished and looks great! Why did I wait so long?

I used eggshell Glidden Duo primer and paint and the color is Behr Mourning Dove (my daughter picked out the white and we decided on the exact color together). My cabinet had wooden door knobs, which I hated, so I bought some pretty satin nickle with the intention of spraying oil rubbed bronze but ultimately sprayed them gold, at my daughter's suggestion (totally my child), along with the existing door hinges.

To finish the cabinet, I wiped down with a damp cloth, filled scratches, gouges, and the door knobs holes, sanded those spots down, drilled new holes for the new hardware, wiped down again, painted with 2 thick coats, and set with a thin coat of General Finishes poly top coat.

I wanted a light aqua cabinet, but Brooke told me she thought I would get tired of it and talked me into the white, so wise for a 12 year old. The exact color we picked is growing on me because it looks more cream at night and in the daylight looks white and I am not crazy about the cream tint it gets at night, but I am adjusting to it.

I am thrilled to have the cabinet complete. This cabinet ended up taking so much time to finish, and being natural wood it sucked up so much paint. I thought I was doing all projects with 2 sample pots and 1 quart and ended up using 3 sample pots and 1.5 quarts just on this cabinet.But it is finally finished now, yay!

TO DO List:
paint walls
paint baseboards
clean blind
move sofa 
paint cabinet
poly cabinet
paint cabinet hardware
paint side table
poly side table
pictures or mirror?

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