Monday, August 3, 2015

Newly painted guest bedroom - early peek

My guest bedroom has never really been a guest bedroom. It at one point had an old couch and loveseat in it, it was my son's nursery, it was my kids toy room (that they never played in), and most recently converted into an art/craft room (rarely used by the kids).

So after all these years of the kids having this extra room to play and craft in and them not using it, mama decided it was time she took the room back! The room is going to be converted into a spare bedroom/tv room.

The room has a tall cabinet (still being painted), a loveseat that is a twin sofa sleeper, and 2 side tables. Plus a bunch of other junk and toys that need to be donated!!

My vision for this room is a full or queen bed, a night stand, and the tall cabinet. The current reality is the twin sofa sleeper, tall cabinet and 2 side tables and I am completely fine with that.

Getting the room cleaned up was #1 priority. My pics were taken after considerable clean up, but the boxes of handbags are being temporarily stored in attic, the toy containers moved to each child's rooms, and the toy/craft bin wood stand combo as well as other stuffed animals and toys were sorted and donated. My shoes are staying where they are for now.

The lovely wall color well it was like green sherbet, what else is there to was fun in a playroom but now isn't working. I patched all scuffs and holes, sanded and repainted the walls a nice soothing shade of neutral. The paint I used is my favorite Glidden Aged Beige.

In addition to painting the walls, I repainted the closet doors and baseboards and spray painted the door handle oil rubbed bronze (Rustoleum). I took down the kiddie valance and replaced with a more neutral sheer I found in my linen closet, I had planned to buy one but found nothing and I am on a strict budget that paint is eating up. 

TO DO List:
paint walls
paint baseboards
clean blind
move sofa 
paint cabinet
poly cabinet
paint cabinet hardware
paint side table
poly side table
pictures or mirror?

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