Friday, August 21, 2015

HomeGoods Finds - Leaner Mirror and Purple Stool

I am really dragging out my extra bedroom here, ha! HomeGoods is easily one of my favorite local chains. It is hit or miss though depending on what day of the week you go in. Last week I must have gone in on the right day.

Mirrors were overflowing as well as furniture that day. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but just looking in general. I stumbled across 2 gorgeous vanity stools one was more of a bright magenta-ish purple stool and the other was a more grapey purple color stool both were priced at $49. My guess was my daughter would like the grapey color stool but I stopped myself and left the store to get back to work. The next day I went back for the stool, and it was gone!!!
True Color - Bright magenta/purple

But I decided to look around and luckily found the stools, inventory had been moved around, whew! I sent pictures to my daughter and she liked the grapey color stool but I decided to buy both so she could see them in person. But some lady came over and started pawing all over the stool and was telling her daughter she was going to buy it. HELLO, Do you not see me standing here with my hand on the stool? Did that not imply I had already claimed the stool?
True Color- Light girly grapey purple
Well as soon as she turned away I grabbed both stools and walked over by mirrors and put them down long enough to grab a cart. When I came back with my cart and loaded the stools I looked up and the mirror caught my eye! Wide silver frame and totally gorgeous and it was only $59! SOLD
Stool that was a bit smelly and the one that got returned

Long dramatic story cut short, my daughter still chose the grapey colored stool so the brighter one went back, but it wasn't too upsetting it was a bit smelly!!! Not sure what was up with that stool.

I swapped her old chair for the new stool and put her chair in the extra bedroom along with the leaner mirror. This does put me over budget for the extra bedroom by a little over $100 but no complaints here. Love HomeGoods, love the stool, and love the mirror!

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