Wednesday, August 12, 2015

French Door Patio - Outside Complete!

My little TO DO list, is getting smaller, ha! Actually as I tick off items more get added!!! It seems like a never ending battle. But we do what we have to right??

I am taking a break from my guest room remodel because, I am not finished!!! It is taking so much longer than I thought it would. So this is my distraction post and I am hopeful Friday I will have something new on the bedroom to show y'all.

Not the best picture but you can see the unfinished framing

Last fall I got a new patio door to replace the awful slider that was original to the house. The new door had to be framed in both inside and out. I was very quick to paint the inside and get her purdy, but the outside I just let go.

Not a lot to be done on the outside but the framing was wood tone (imagine that) so I am at a point that I have to get that frame painted and close the book on getting the french door 100% complete.

Behr Standard out of the can white exterior
I bought a pure white sample jar of Behr exterior paint at Home Depot for like $3. And the amount of paint was perfect. I think after 2 coats on the frame I still have 1/2 the jar left over for other projects that need attention. My door is now finished just shy of its 1st birthday.

Outdoor Projects left TO DO:
re-stain playset
clear out sandbox and refill
continue the battle against the weeds
sand and re-stain front porch furniture
Garden area clean up

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