Monday, August 24, 2015

Extra Bedroom Completed

My goal in this room was to remove the "kid" from it. This was used as a kids zone for the past 12 years so reclaiming it and making it more grown up has been on my list for about 2 years.

Gone is the green sherbet colored walls and the little monkey prints and the toys. I re-used the existing twin sofa sleeper loveseat, the unfinished cabinet, and the wood laminate side table with a little DIY help and painted the walls a more soothing neutral color. Then I shopped my linen closets and found an old pair of sheers that have embellishment on the bottom instead of purchasing new curtains. After all I had set a budget to stay within.

After painting, moving furniture, and hanging curtains it became clear that the walls were looking pretty naked so I had to do something on the cheap to stay within my meager budget. Dollar Tree, Pinterest, and my color laser printer saved the day and I was able to create my pretty beach art wall for $6 plus an extra $12 in Command 3M picture hanging strips.

Before removing the kids bin and chair

After removing the kids bin. For now shoe rack will stay on wall but may eventually go into closet.

I painted my unfinished cabinet and my little wood laminate side table Behr Mourning Dove and sealed it with General Finishes Top Coat Poly Eurthane. Bought new handles for the cabinet sprayed gold with Rustoleum Metallic Gold.

Before: toy bins, boxes and old carpet
After: Cozy spot to watch TV or read

I still had 1 wall that was pretty cluttered. It held a kids toy bin, a chair, and plastic shoe racks. They had function but looked out of place in my new room. I was at $97 and my budget was $100.

I felt the room needed a dresser and I found the Ikea Tarva was on sale for $126 and I really need a dresser but I really wanted to stay within my $100 budget. I have a mirrored console table sitting unused in my basement and I decided to try it in the room as a dressing table. Looks great and I can use this as my new dressing table to hold my necklaces I wear most and my makeup bin and makeup mirror.

After: adding pictures, lamps, pillows, decor, and painting side table

At HomeGoods I found two adorable purple stools for $49 so I bought both to let my daughter choose one so I could take her desk chair (which is a childhood vanity chair). And while I was there I spotted a tall mirror that was $59 to be used as a leaner behind the door. So I went over budget by $109 plus tax!! But I think worth it.

Later I may choose to replace the mirrored console table with the Tarva 6 drawer dresser and nightstands but for now I think the room is functional and cozy. I also added an unused TV from the basement to my cabinet so the room can be used as a reading or TV room. I am finding that my kids now are in this room everyday.

 After a good cleaning of the carpet and sofa sleeper, I FINALLY am happy to say my room is finished! So the final tally on my fabulous new room is $212.

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