Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dollar Tree Wall Art - Extra Bedroom

For my extra bedroom I decided the walls were looking barren and something had to go up.

I hate popping holes in the walls, but looking at the naked walls was not working for me. I wanted to keep the room simple and uncluttered.

This room is small like 10x10, and the sofa sleeper is loveseat sized so finding art that was appropriate in scale was important.

Needing to stay within my budget is critical too. My budget was eaten up in paint and cabinet hardware. I was lucky to have just enough spray paint for the hardware, poly eurthane, and furniture on hand so my $100 budget was do-able. But I still was left with $21 in my budget to get me some kind of art on the walls.

My first decision was either 3 11x14 pictures or 6 8x10 pictures to hang over the loveseat. But I know frames are not cheap and there was no way I was doing this for $21. I decided to pay a visit to Dollar Tree to see if they would have anything that might work and ...... they did!

I found these frames in 8x10 in a champagne color for $1 each! Yay! I was thinking worst case was I may need to spray paint them, but the color was good. Let's be real they are $1 frames so they are cheap plastic frames with a little piece of glass and cardboard backing, but they look really nice. I went with 6 because I like that the frames are stacked and makes it seem much bigger than the wall space really is.

I did pull the swing arm and all the little metal bits off the backing. I used Command 3M picture hanging strips to hang these little darlings. I paid about $12 for the strips.

Next was what to put in the frames. I like the beach and the colors, blues, tan, aqua, white. So I went onto my art board on Pinterest and pulled up the pictures I liked best. I captured them with Snag It and cropped the pictures. I printed at 5x7 with the picture centered on 8x11.5 inch paper.

The centered picture creates a white border and I thought I would buy mattes to go over my prints but it was not needed, the white border in the frames looks like matted prints. So even less money to spend.

I used a ruler and a level to get my pictures on the wall centered, level, and evenly spaced. The frames look really good and I love the little beach scenes that goes perfectly with my neutral walls and aqua touches.

TO DO List:
paint walls
paint baseboards
clean blind
move sofa 
paint cabinet
poly cabinet
paint cabinet hardware
paint side table
poly side table
pictures or mirror?

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