Thursday, August 20, 2015

Crystal Deodorant and Secret Outlast Gel Deodorant

I am veering off the beaten path here today. I needed to buy deodorant one day and was specifically looking for something gel, because I was so tired of the invisible "won't leave white marks on your clothes" deodorant leaving white marks all over my shirts. It was so annoying.

I went to DrugMart and in the deodorant aisle I found Crystal deodorant. It is a stick that is a mineral salt deodorant. You have to wet it with water and then apply it. It supposedly lasts about a year and it is supposed to block or kill the bacteria on your skin that makes you stinky. It is also endorsed by the Cancer Society. This stick can be used anywhere on your body that isn't pleasant according to the label, so essentially you can slather this stick all over if you need to.

Being so intrigued I had to buy it and it was on sale so I paid about $5 for the stick. I also bought a gel deodorant Secret Outlast. You have to wet the crystal stick under your faucet and rub it on, I have to re-wet a couple times. I let it dry on my skin (when in a hurry the hair dryer is used to speed things along, lol) and then I apply the Secret outlast gel deodorant.

After using this a few days to a week I noticed that I was fresh as a daisy all day long and I was not sweating much if any at all, typically by end of day I would be at a point where I need a shower but now I will say it is like I just got out of the shower at day's end. The stuff is awesome!

I do use it alone (without the Secret Outlast) and still amazing! I am just brainwashed by the deodorant industry and think I need the "real" deodorant. But the Secret Outlast is good too, but that Crystal Deodorant is magical or something.

I now have my 12 year old daughter using the Crystal stick too. I can tell when she either has not used it or hasn't used it effectively (meaning not wetting the stick enough). The other day she was a bit ripe in the car and I asked her did she forget her deodorant today and she said no I have deodorant on and I then asked the crystal deodorant? and she said no only dove deodorant. The next day she did the crystal deodorant and Secret outlast and what a difference!

The thing to watch on this deodorant though is on the label it warns that you cannot leave the stick on a natural stone counter. I don't have stone counters but regardless I am keeping this in a plastic bin in my linen closet so I don't have salty drips on the counters.

It's worth a small investment of $5-6 to try out this awesome deodorant!

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