Monday, July 6, 2015

Yard Clean Up - Part 2

My last post on June 16 I showed you some  pictures of the work I had done so far in my yard. This is after 4 yrs of minimal effort going into the yard. I had lots to do though, but the wonderful weather in Ohio decided it needed to rain for 3 weeks straight so yard work just was not happening. Luckily this past week the rain stopped for a few days long enough to dry things out some so I could jump back in and get some yard work finished.

My July 4th celebration was 10 hours of yard work. I went though my landscaping and re-pulled all the weeds that grew back thanks to all the rain. Then I put down ten 2 cubic ft bags of mulch in the front beds. This was all the mulch I had and I admit not quite enough so I still have some mulching to do. My daughter helped me put down 2 bags but otherwise I did the rest.

After the mulch was down I decided I HAD TO get the remaining 21 stepping stones that goes from the driveway to my back deck buried in the mulch. I think this took 6 hrs to do, seriously. I worked 10 hours in my yard and this was the bulk of the work. Those stones are heavy but when you are tired they are unbelievably heavy. After I got 12 buried I decided I was done. I was really trying to talk myself into quitting but decided to pull the weeds from an old flower bed that surrounds the concrete cap for my septic tank.

After pulling those weeds (and there were so many!) I felt ready to go back and finish the remaining 9 stepping stones. Then I moved on to the mulch that surrounds the pool, because the weeds were there too! Yay! I got most of the weeds pulled and decided to call it a day at 9pm. I was hungry and exhausted.

Early Sunday morning I woke up after 2 hours of sleep and felt so sick! I think I was a bit dehydrated. So I slept on the floor so I could roll up into a ball. Talk about sore in the morning! But I got myself up and dressed and back outside I went. I had to finish pulling the pool side weeds and then went up the other side of my house to get the regrowth.

I used vegetation killer to spray in the kids playground area and around the shed. We will see how this works out in the next few days. Please let it work!

I also dumped all the pulled weeds in the fire pit and then decided I needed to do some raking where the grass got too tall and the yard was too wet to mow. My fire pit was easily stacked 4 feet high. So burning the fire pit was next order of business. This took about 1-2 hours. The kids did roast marshmallows and made s'mores. So some relaxation and fun came out of my hard work.

Last thing I did was plant 7 hostas, 3 by the pool and 4 surrounding the septic cap/birdbath, I dumped the firebowl into the firepit and set the firebowl up in the open mulch area between the deck and the pool. I felt pretty pleased with the amount of work I did over the weekend and how much nicer it looks. After this I decided I earned a break I made the kids food, and sat on the couch watching movies through my eyelids ;-) for a couple hours. I felt so sick all day so the rest and lots of water seemed to help. Then I got up and cleaned the first floor of my house and then showered and got ready for bed.
See the smoke coming out of the fire pit, all the weeds are gone now!

There is still much to do to get the outside "finished" but the hardest of the work is finished. Tonight I need to clean out the nook by the deck stairs and start on garage clean out.

Next weekend I hope that the weeding and mulching is finished, I can re-stain the kids play set, clean out and refill the sandbox, and get the garage finished. Then my outside home will be complete.

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