Friday, July 17, 2015

Start of an Updated Home Office

My home office, which is conveniently located next to my front door has been a dark, yucky, bottomless pit of all things with no place to be stored. So in other words it was a huge junk pile.

When we moved in we had an old face the wall style desk/hutch a couple brown book shelves, and a tall display cabinet. Later we were given a tall 4 drawer file cabinet that I spray painted a hammered black. The room was not terrible but very plain.

A freestanding desk facing the doorway to fill the open floor space is currently on my radar
I decided it needed to be painted, so the disagreements began. I wanted an aqua toned wall color to add some color and still lighten up all that dark furniture and he wanted a brown. Eventually I gave in and brown it was.

I remember opening the paint can and seeing that brown. I remember the first roller brush of that brown on the wall. I hated it! It was baby poop brown! I decided to keep an open mind and kept painting, besides it would dry a different color, right??  Nope, it dried baby poop brown. After the brown paint was up I moved the furniture around some and soon after the room became unused and then turned into the junk pile. All because of those yucky poo brown walls. This room stayed this way for many years.

Old brown shelves will eventually be replaced with an Ikea Kallax unit
In December my mom always gives me money for Christmas so I decided I was getting rid of that brown furniture and buying new white furniture. The display cabinet and file cabinet had to relocate to the basement and the brown shelves will eventually go bye-bye as well (for now they remain in the office).
Plantation shutters will be ordered to cover these windows
After emptying the room, step 2 was painting the walls. I had some touch up to do after removing curtain rods, and I repainted it using Glidden in Satin finish and the color was Aged Beige, which is the same color I used in my laundry room. Aged Beige is a light vanilla almond color. This is a no frills color but I really like it because I can pair any color with it. It was really amazing to see the difference in that room, it was very light and cheerful and seemed twice as big with the new paint.

Step 3 was measuring the walls, and a trip to Ikea. I wanted to get the Billy bookcases after seeing a display at Ikea. But my wall isn't huge and could not accomodate these perfectly on the wall. So I had to figure out how to design my wall.

The office chair is too big and will be replaced with a smaller and different color chair
I went with 2 billy bookcases and 2 extension kits, plus 4 extension glass panel doors, and 4 half glass half solid bookcase doors. I also bought the Micke Desk in white and 2 shelves and brackets. This was total about $600. Anyone who has ever bought Ikea furniture knows it is not difficult to assemble but getting the bookcase doors on was frustrating!!! The cabinets were anchored to the walls as they did tip from being front heavy. I did not like the little white knobs that came with my doors and am still in the process of finding different knobs.

For a bit of color I found some cute wrapping papers at Homegoods and I lined the back of the cabinets with a hot pink geometric patterned paper. I attached it with glue dots so it is not permanent and can be swapped out as I get the urge for change.

This room is far from complete. But this is the start so far. Next step is to trim around the sides and ceiling to enclose the bookshelf.

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