Friday, July 10, 2015

Sister's Kitchen Remodel Progress So Far

I am not the only DIY'er in my family. My mom has great style, its different than mine but I could live in a house she styled anytime anyday. So when my sister bought a house not too long ago that needed MAJOR tlc I was not too surprised. We just like to have something to work on so a rehab house while a huge undertaking was a good pick for my sister. First of all she is pretty patient. I would be climbing the walls to get things done but she has taken her time and saved money for each project on her list.

Back in November I helped her remove these AWFUL 12 inch mirrors straight outta the 1970's from her entry wall. Under them was 1960's wall paper that refuses to come off. So that project has been stalled!! 
This is the back wall where she wants to blow out the wall eventually
We painted her half wall by the entry stairs, I cleaned up her basement as much as possible (she had millions of boxes down there to go through) but I was limited on what I could do. We also painted in her dining room. These little things greatly improved the look of her main floor living room and dining room.

She had already had new wood laminate flooring installed and new carpet in the bedrooms so those spaces already look great. I made a poster board and mirror starburst for her master bedroom to help fill a blank spot. 
The light fixture is pretty cool, the style is to allow for maximum lighting from the one fixture
She has since continued small projects like removing the wall paper the previous owner installed on the exterior of the front door - no joke.  Also she has painted an old dresser she is converting to a buffet for her dining room as well as an old jelly cabinet that our mom gave to her. She removed the shutter style doors that were flanking the entry to the kitchen (honestly they were not too bad but had no purpose).

Her big project is getting her kitchen updated. Picture 1960's cabinets, super ugly 1960's counters, ugly old vinyl flooring, odd configuration, an awesome avocado green 1970-1980's stove (that still works perfectly), a counter top microwave, old ugly 1960's ceiling fixtures, no dishwasher, and a ceiling exhaust fan (sorta like what you see in a bathroom). It puts the F in fugly.

The new sink is a double vessel, way better than the single vessel sink she replaced
But she has been slowly checking things off her to do list. New flooring was first, she got a new light fixture, just installed a new refrigerator and dishwasher, she installed cabinets (buffet style) on her empty back wall (she plans to open that wall eventually), she has painted and repaired her existing cabinet frames, new laminate counters, new sink and faucet.

She originally chose a solid surface counter top but once she evaluated the cost and benefit and the value it would bring if she resold she decided that it was not worth the investment. Instead she chose a laminate counter that is really nice, I have only seen the pictures but laminate today is not like the laminate that was put in my house 12 years ago. Laminate is so affordable and durable!

Still to come is taking down the ugly pineapple wallpaper, opening the back wall, new stove and microwave/fan combo over the stove, remove the old ceiling vent, back splash, painting, ordering and painting new cabinet doors, and a new patio door. 

Little at a time, right? Definitely takes money and lots of patience but its getting there! Where it was in November versus where it is today is amazing. She has a vision of what she wants in that room but will take some time to achieve.

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