Friday, July 24, 2015

Remodel Kids Bathroom

The kid's bathroom is also the main second story bathroom so guests also share this space. Mickey Mouse has been in that room for about 12 years, practically from the time we moved in!

I went to Disneyland while pregnant with my daughter and found some really cute bathroom accessories including door knobs, a robe hook, a jar candle shade, lotion/soap holder/dispensers, and mickey hands for a towel bar. I later found a shower curtain and trashcan on Ebay and wallpaper border at either Lowe's or Home Depot. I painted the room a dark but bright yellow. The room was very cute.

12 years later my kids are growing up and Mickey while cute, is getting too young for them. I decided it was time to update the room to reflect my growing kids and to be neutral enough to suit guests.
Excuse my counter mess!
One coat on and compared to the kitchen cabinets of the same honey oak color
First to go was the wallpaper border! DIF spray gel is wonderful and lucky me the paper came off very easy. It was a 20 minute job including wiping the walls down afterward.

The plan was a new vanity and flooring but for this fast fix I chose to gel stain with General Finishes in Java since I already had a can on the existing vanity. Why not? The vanity and counter are in great shape. The floor as well is good condition so for now no need to change it.

With one coat of Sea Salt, matched the shower curtain perfectly
I applied 3 coats of stain and 1 coat of the poly. The cabinet took 4 days. And the doors front and back took 8 days. I had some brand new knobs sitting in my home office for the past 10 years or so that were supposed to go back to Home Depot but lucky me, they are perfect for this project. So glad I never returned them.

I had some Sea Salt color Sherwin Williams paint. I did one coat and my daughter hated it! I want neutral and to be honest it was not for me, but after it being on the walls a couple days it did grow on me. But Brooke still hated it so we went with Sherwin Williams Window Pane which is less green tone and more blue tone.

The builder grade mirror, anyone with new construction in the past 15yrs or so has these unframed mirrors. They are awful. I found great framing projects on Pinterest and went for it. So easy anyone can do this! I bought 4 corner pieces at $1.75 each and 2 wood trim boards at $8.09 each at Home Depot, plus a tube of adhesive at $4.38. (I also bought stuff for my master bathroom too).

New rugs, accessories, robe hook, shower curtain, shelves, and towel bar later we have a new updated room. This project cost me just under $80! And ladies, I did this project completely by myself, it was easy and anyone can do the same projects I just did. Additional posts on the individual components to follow.

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