Friday, July 31, 2015

Kids Bath Finishing Touches and Towel Hooks

Walmart shower curtain, hooks, and rugs
This seems like a mini series in regard to updating this bathroom. 4 parts! I promise this is the last one and I am off on a new adventure at my house.

Finishing touches.

My kids bathroom was not heavily used. So I had no towel bar for a hand towel. My kids don´t wash their grimy little hands, ha! As I finished the room it was abundantly clear that the walls were a bit barren. But I am on a strict budget, $100 was my max budget and quite frankly I really didn´t want to go over $75, I know I am being cheap but overall I spent $78 to update this room.

So I looked for hand towel bars on the cheap. Cheapest I found that looked nice was $14.99, uuuhh no. I did find a super cheapy that looked super cheap and it was like $5 or 6 dollars. But it looked super cheap like what you see in a not fancy apartment.

Framed print and Bygel bar and bin over toilet

I remembered buying both my kids a Bygel bar and the little plastic bins at Ikea. I had never hung them either and they were still in the packages. I took my daughters and it was the perfect size, color, and look for my remodel and it costs $2.99! Score. I will replace her bar next trip at Ikea and the purple bin in the bathroom will be replaced with a white bin.

We took pics of Brooke holding the towel bar, a towel bar and a framed print, and just the print. Of the 3 we liked the towel bar with the print hanging over it.

Framed print, Ikea Bygel bar and bin and towel hooks
So the prints, I had 3 old framed prints on a shelf in my bedroom that were no longer used. 2 were a set and I liked them best, but the frame was a lovely pickled oak so it was not gonna work with that dark stained mirror and vanity and the frame would not look right painted white. So I decided to stain the frame the dark Java color to match the mirror and vanity. It took 3 days and looks amazing now. I will likely do the other frame to match though not using it. The basket on the toilet will be cleaned out and I will put like toilet paper or towels in it, just haven´t done it yet!

Before I hung the print was ok, but missing something
I bought flat head screws and a pack of wall anchors because what´s the chance of hitting studs for every screw? Exactly. I did hit the stud on one side of the towel bar and used 2 anchors for the other side. That bar isn´t going anywhere! I tried to hang the picture using 2 sets of Command 3M picture hanging strips which should have worked but the picture fell off the wall, I put it back up and 20 minutes later it fell off again! My AC was out so it may have been too hot and sticky to hold (I had other things fall of the wall that same day that were hung using those strips). Instead I found a finishing nail with a hanging bracket and did it that way. Not my preference to pop holes in the walls but this is a tiny hole so not a big issue. So the potty wall was finished!

The other wall used to have a towel bar, it was 2 big Mickey Mouse gloved hands and a dowel bar in the middle. Really cute but the kids have outgrown it and it wasn´t anchored to the wall very good so the hands were pulling away from the wall.

I didn´t want to pull 4 anchors out of the wall but needed to install a new towel bar that would cover the 4 anchors, but no towel bar I saw was as long. I decided instead to buy a piece of casing (I got the fake wood stuff) and cut it at Home Depot to size and paid $3.55, I then found 3 chrome hooks at $3.28 each. At home I marked where the hooks would go and drilled a screw hole under all of the hooks where I anchored it to the wall. I painted the piece white to match my door and baseboards and hung the wood casing using wall anchors and flat head screws. I got lucky and hit 1 stud so again only used 2 anchors. Once the casing was up, I attached the hooks. They look really good and I like that I covered the screws. This was just over $14. The screws and anchors were an additional $6 but I have lots left over for other projects.

Lastly I took off the door knob and resprayed it using Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. I also repainted my baseboards as they needed the touch up.

The rugs and shower curtain and hooks were a set at Walmart costing $19.99.

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