Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Home Gym - Privacy film on French Doors

We have an all purpose/rec room that is directly outside my home gym. This area is dark and we have it set up for movies and sporting events. We also have a fully functional wet bar, pool table, skee-ball, darts, and 2 shooter basketball in this area.

Kids love this room, and my son has his X-Box set up on this television. He tends to have lots of neighborhood kids over to play in this area. My dilemma is that I have french doors with the 10 panel windows so when I am trying to exercise I am looking at a bunch of kids and they are looking at me. I find this very distracting and I usually stop exercising.

I decided that I need to cover the windows at some point, otherwise I will never get to workout or I will have to ban kids from this rec room. However, after 3 days last week of interrupted/stopped workouts due to kids in the area, I decided I had to get something on the doors immediately.

I went to Lowe's to see what kind of solutions they had. One thing I remembered was one of my neighbors telling me they got a window film from Lowe's to add privacy in their basement (you know in case someone is trying to look in from outside :-) unlikely but you never know, lol).

I found an employee and he knew exactly where to send me (very appreciated). I found this plastic sheeting made for windows that is made by Gila and came in different lengths/widths and patterns. I chose a clear crackled glass pattern and bought the installation kit. Links below if you are interested:

GILA Window Film Installation Kit for $8.97 and GILA 36-in W x 78-in L 

Privacy/Decorative Window Film for $31.97 - Clear Crackled Glass

This product comes as a long roll, you get a craft knife in the installation kit to cut your piece. Once I cut the first panel piece, I used this piece as a guide to cut out slightly larger pieces for the remaining panels. I took the rough cut pieces and then fitted and cut them in each individual panel space to ensure a good fit.

I used the spray and lint-free cloth also from the installation kit to clean the windows. Then resprayed the window and attached the plastic sheets. Next I sprayed the outer-side of the film and used the flexible card shaped squeegee to push any air pockets from between the plastic and the glass.

I did this project over 2 nights, because I finished one door and wanted to see how it looked the next day before finishing the other door. I have had to do a little touch up where the ends peeled down but now the plastic is sticking very good.

I like the look of the film and I cannot see the kids and they cannot see me. During my last workout, my daughter walked up to the door and opened them before I could tell someone was outside my gym, so success cha-ching!

This was an unexpected project for my home gym but definitely a must have and well worth the $40 and 2 hours I invested.

Home Gym To Do List:
Doors to cover panel
New equipment - treadmill
Figure out what the heck I did to my bike??
repaint doors and baseboards
new TV and sound system!!!!!!

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