Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Framing a Builder Grade Mirror

Part of my bathroom update included doing something, anything to that mirror. Let´s be fair it is a nice large mirror I measured it at 40Lx30W. But it is plain and really does not stand out or add anything to the bathroom.

I did consult my good friend Pinterest for ideas and quickly found many interesting options. My concern on some mirrors was the mitered corners. I have never done it and it is out of my league. I found others that used the straight cuts and then had the corner mouldings. This one I really liked because I thought it added detail and interest and was so easy ANYONE can do it.

After I bought all my materials, I found a mirror from A Thoughtful Place Blog that was just 4 pieces of wood with straight cuts (sort of looked shaker in style) and loved it but I was already too far along to change what I was doing. I took my wood home and cut it using a miter box, but you can cut the wood at home depot too! I did it at home because I was piecing the mirror together and marking the exact place I needed to cut.

One thing I noticed on Pinterest was many were made using baseboard, I admit I didn´t like it at all. They looked nice but also like a mirror that had baseboard on the mirror. I went to Home Depot and found real wood moulding that was sold by the piece vs. by linear ft. So I spent less for a real wood moulding than I would have spent for the fakey wood mouldings. I got the fluted style strip, 2 of them at $8.09 per piece and 4 of the corner mouldings at $1.75 each.

I also purchased a tube of Locktite glass and mirror adhesive I believe for $4.38. This will be more than I need to complete 2 mirror projects I have planned. I made sure to stain 1 coat on the back of my moulding otherwise you will see the reflection of the back of the board when its attached to the mirror, so don´t miss this step! When attaching the frame do go piece by piece, I did the top first and gave it a good 15/30 minutes to start drying. I had to reposition the boards multiple times because they will slide down, I also tried tape but same issue I had to reposition the boards. Next I added the sides and last I added 1 corner piece, the middle board and lastly the last corner piece. From here I was able to reposition the pieces to make sure I had a tight fit and it was level.

The Locktite glue, I did a thin bead on the board and tried to not get too close to the edges to prevent it oozing on the mirror. I had one spot where I got too close and it did squish out on the mirror. I cleaned it up as much as possible and then let it dry. After the glue dried for about an hour I went back and scraped the glue off the mirror with my fingernail and a wet cloth. Please note the adhesive needs 48 hours to cure. Mine took a good 4 to 5 days before it dried completely clear. 

I completed this mirror for about $25.

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