Monday, July 13, 2015

Fixing My Son's Bed

Oh little boys! Mine has been very into certain video games and when he is in his room and gets excited he has been kicking the slats in his headboard and foot board. This resulted in 3 slats getting kicked out.

Aaron is my little sweetheart, but I was ready to throttle the kid when I saw 3 slats were missing from his bed frame. He kicked forcefully to kick those slats out and he knows that treating anything like that is unacceptable. The slats were stapled in place at the factory and when Aaron kicked them out it split the wood around the staple making it impossible to staple these back into place. Luckily it only split the wood that is unseen around the staples.

I used wood glue and clamps to re-attach the slats. It was easy to match up the correct slat to the correct space. I added a small amount of wood glue to prevent drips, replaced the slat and clamped into place. I left each slat to dry for a few hours. Good as new.

We still have little scratches to deal with but after the slat kicking I think I will wait until Aaron is a little older before attempting to fix scratches, I have a feeling there are more to come.

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