Friday, July 31, 2015

Kids Bath Finishing Touches and Towel Hooks

Walmart shower curtain, hooks, and rugs
This seems like a mini series in regard to updating this bathroom. 4 parts! I promise this is the last one and I am off on a new adventure at my house.

Finishing touches.

My kids bathroom was not heavily used. So I had no towel bar for a hand towel. My kids don´t wash their grimy little hands, ha! As I finished the room it was abundantly clear that the walls were a bit barren. But I am on a strict budget, $100 was my max budget and quite frankly I really didn´t want to go over $75, I know I am being cheap but overall I spent $78 to update this room.

So I looked for hand towel bars on the cheap. Cheapest I found that looked nice was $14.99, uuuhh no. I did find a super cheapy that looked super cheap and it was like $5 or 6 dollars. But it looked super cheap like what you see in a not fancy apartment.

Framed print and Bygel bar and bin over toilet

I remembered buying both my kids a Bygel bar and the little plastic bins at Ikea. I had never hung them either and they were still in the packages. I took my daughters and it was the perfect size, color, and look for my remodel and it costs $2.99! Score. I will replace her bar next trip at Ikea and the purple bin in the bathroom will be replaced with a white bin.

We took pics of Brooke holding the towel bar, a towel bar and a framed print, and just the print. Of the 3 we liked the towel bar with the print hanging over it.

Framed print, Ikea Bygel bar and bin and towel hooks
So the prints, I had 3 old framed prints on a shelf in my bedroom that were no longer used. 2 were a set and I liked them best, but the frame was a lovely pickled oak so it was not gonna work with that dark stained mirror and vanity and the frame would not look right painted white. So I decided to stain the frame the dark Java color to match the mirror and vanity. It took 3 days and looks amazing now. I will likely do the other frame to match though not using it. The basket on the toilet will be cleaned out and I will put like toilet paper or towels in it, just haven´t done it yet!

Before I hung the print was ok, but missing something
I bought flat head screws and a pack of wall anchors because what´s the chance of hitting studs for every screw? Exactly. I did hit the stud on one side of the towel bar and used 2 anchors for the other side. That bar isn´t going anywhere! I tried to hang the picture using 2 sets of Command 3M picture hanging strips which should have worked but the picture fell off the wall, I put it back up and 20 minutes later it fell off again! My AC was out so it may have been too hot and sticky to hold (I had other things fall of the wall that same day that were hung using those strips). Instead I found a finishing nail with a hanging bracket and did it that way. Not my preference to pop holes in the walls but this is a tiny hole so not a big issue. So the potty wall was finished!

The other wall used to have a towel bar, it was 2 big Mickey Mouse gloved hands and a dowel bar in the middle. Really cute but the kids have outgrown it and it wasn´t anchored to the wall very good so the hands were pulling away from the wall.

I didn´t want to pull 4 anchors out of the wall but needed to install a new towel bar that would cover the 4 anchors, but no towel bar I saw was as long. I decided instead to buy a piece of casing (I got the fake wood stuff) and cut it at Home Depot to size and paid $3.55, I then found 3 chrome hooks at $3.28 each. At home I marked where the hooks would go and drilled a screw hole under all of the hooks where I anchored it to the wall. I painted the piece white to match my door and baseboards and hung the wood casing using wall anchors and flat head screws. I got lucky and hit 1 stud so again only used 2 anchors. Once the casing was up, I attached the hooks. They look really good and I like that I covered the screws. This was just over $14. The screws and anchors were an additional $6 but I have lots left over for other projects.

Lastly I took off the door knob and resprayed it using Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. I also repainted my baseboards as they needed the touch up.

The rugs and shower curtain and hooks were a set at Walmart costing $19.99.
Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Framing a Builder Grade Mirror

Part of my bathroom update included doing something, anything to that mirror. Let´s be fair it is a nice large mirror I measured it at 40Lx30W. But it is plain and really does not stand out or add anything to the bathroom.

I did consult my good friend Pinterest for ideas and quickly found many interesting options. My concern on some mirrors was the mitered corners. I have never done it and it is out of my league. I found others that used the straight cuts and then had the corner mouldings. This one I really liked because I thought it added detail and interest and was so easy ANYONE can do it.

After I bought all my materials, I found a mirror from A Thoughtful Place Blog that was just 4 pieces of wood with straight cuts (sort of looked shaker in style) and loved it but I was already too far along to change what I was doing. I took my wood home and cut it using a miter box, but you can cut the wood at home depot too! I did it at home because I was piecing the mirror together and marking the exact place I needed to cut.

One thing I noticed on Pinterest was many were made using baseboard, I admit I didn´t like it at all. They looked nice but also like a mirror that had baseboard on the mirror. I went to Home Depot and found real wood moulding that was sold by the piece vs. by linear ft. So I spent less for a real wood moulding than I would have spent for the fakey wood mouldings. I got the fluted style strip, 2 of them at $8.09 per piece and 4 of the corner mouldings at $1.75 each.

I also purchased a tube of Locktite glass and mirror adhesive I believe for $4.38. This will be more than I need to complete 2 mirror projects I have planned. I made sure to stain 1 coat on the back of my moulding otherwise you will see the reflection of the back of the board when its attached to the mirror, so don´t miss this step! When attaching the frame do go piece by piece, I did the top first and gave it a good 15/30 minutes to start drying. I had to reposition the boards multiple times because they will slide down, I also tried tape but same issue I had to reposition the boards. Next I added the sides and last I added 1 corner piece, the middle board and lastly the last corner piece. From here I was able to reposition the pieces to make sure I had a tight fit and it was level.

The Locktite glue, I did a thin bead on the board and tried to not get too close to the edges to prevent it oozing on the mirror. I had one spot where I got too close and it did squish out on the mirror. I cleaned it up as much as possible and then let it dry. After the glue dried for about an hour I went back and scraped the glue off the mirror with my fingernail and a wet cloth. Please note the adhesive needs 48 hours to cure. Mine took a good 4 to 5 days before it dried completely clear. 

I completed this mirror for about $25.
Monday, July 27, 2015

Gel Stained Bathroom Vanity - Kids/Guest Bathroom

I am moving backwards here! I showed you my kid's bathroom on Friday and now am breaking it out for the more labor intensive pieces of my work.

Gel Stain...By now most everyone has heard of it. Right now the trend is the darker the better. I personally like either white or very dark, I am not really a in the middle sort of girl.

I use General Finishes which I bought at Woodcraft and bought it in the Java finish and I bought the top coat poly. Together these little quart cans were just over $50 but have been used on numerous projects, so it is worth the cost.

The jury is out on whether you have to sand or not. I have not on any of my project thus far and all is holding up beautifully. I do however use DeGlosser to pre-treat the wood. Once I degloss and allow 15 minutes for drying I am ready to stain.

The side of my cabinet is a laminate sheet (I think that is what it is??) but I had read to sand it lightly so the stain took, but I didn't samd and so far my stain is just fine. I admit I probably should have sanded it but its the side of the cabinet and no one stands there so I cannot see it getting scratched or damaged. When I do my master vanity I will sand the sides to see if there is a difference and report what I find.

I follow the standard plastic baggie or glove on hand covered by an old sock method to apply the stain. But I also use a small paint brush for corners or other tiny areas that I cannot effectively cover with my hand.

The stain tends to look its best with 3 coats, but I have had pieces that took 2 coats. For my cabinets it was 3 coats to cover everything evenly. I apply 1 coat of gel stain and allow a full 24 hours to dry. I follow this same process for coats 2 and 3. Day 4 I apply the clear top coat, just 1 coat because I don't want it to be too shiny, and allow another 24 hours to dry. After this I had to flip the doors and repeat the entire staining process for another 4 days.

It's up to you if you want to do the inside of the doors, but I had to, it would literally eat me up knowing I didn't do it and it would be an unfinished project in my world, so the extra 4 days was worthwhile. After my 8 days of staining and drying  I was able to rehang the doors and add on new hardware and new soft stopper pads on the inside of the doors.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Remodel Kids Bathroom

The kid's bathroom is also the main second story bathroom so guests also share this space. Mickey Mouse has been in that room for about 12 years, practically from the time we moved in!

I went to Disneyland while pregnant with my daughter and found some really cute bathroom accessories including door knobs, a robe hook, a jar candle shade, lotion/soap holder/dispensers, and mickey hands for a towel bar. I later found a shower curtain and trashcan on Ebay and wallpaper border at either Lowe's or Home Depot. I painted the room a dark but bright yellow. The room was very cute.

12 years later my kids are growing up and Mickey while cute, is getting too young for them. I decided it was time to update the room to reflect my growing kids and to be neutral enough to suit guests.
Excuse my counter mess!
One coat on and compared to the kitchen cabinets of the same honey oak color
First to go was the wallpaper border! DIF spray gel is wonderful and lucky me the paper came off very easy. It was a 20 minute job including wiping the walls down afterward.

The plan was a new vanity and flooring but for this fast fix I chose to gel stain with General Finishes in Java since I already had a can on the existing vanity. Why not? The vanity and counter are in great shape. The floor as well is good condition so for now no need to change it.

With one coat of Sea Salt, matched the shower curtain perfectly
I applied 3 coats of stain and 1 coat of the poly. The cabinet took 4 days. And the doors front and back took 8 days. I had some brand new knobs sitting in my home office for the past 10 years or so that were supposed to go back to Home Depot but lucky me, they are perfect for this project. So glad I never returned them.

I had some Sea Salt color Sherwin Williams paint. I did one coat and my daughter hated it! I want neutral and to be honest it was not for me, but after it being on the walls a couple days it did grow on me. But Brooke still hated it so we went with Sherwin Williams Window Pane which is less green tone and more blue tone.

The builder grade mirror, anyone with new construction in the past 15yrs or so has these unframed mirrors. They are awful. I found great framing projects on Pinterest and went for it. So easy anyone can do this! I bought 4 corner pieces at $1.75 each and 2 wood trim boards at $8.09 each at Home Depot, plus a tube of adhesive at $4.38. (I also bought stuff for my master bathroom too).

New rugs, accessories, robe hook, shower curtain, shelves, and towel bar later we have a new updated room. This project cost me just under $80! And ladies, I did this project completely by myself, it was easy and anyone can do the same projects I just did. Additional posts on the individual components to follow.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Start of an Updated Home Office

My home office, which is conveniently located next to my front door has been a dark, yucky, bottomless pit of all things with no place to be stored. So in other words it was a huge junk pile.

When we moved in we had an old face the wall style desk/hutch a couple brown book shelves, and a tall display cabinet. Later we were given a tall 4 drawer file cabinet that I spray painted a hammered black. The room was not terrible but very plain.

A freestanding desk facing the doorway to fill the open floor space is currently on my radar
I decided it needed to be painted, so the disagreements began. I wanted an aqua toned wall color to add some color and still lighten up all that dark furniture and he wanted a brown. Eventually I gave in and brown it was.

I remember opening the paint can and seeing that brown. I remember the first roller brush of that brown on the wall. I hated it! It was baby poop brown! I decided to keep an open mind and kept painting, besides it would dry a different color, right??  Nope, it dried baby poop brown. After the brown paint was up I moved the furniture around some and soon after the room became unused and then turned into the junk pile. All because of those yucky poo brown walls. This room stayed this way for many years.

Old brown shelves will eventually be replaced with an Ikea Kallax unit
In December my mom always gives me money for Christmas so I decided I was getting rid of that brown furniture and buying new white furniture. The display cabinet and file cabinet had to relocate to the basement and the brown shelves will eventually go bye-bye as well (for now they remain in the office).
Plantation shutters will be ordered to cover these windows
After emptying the room, step 2 was painting the walls. I had some touch up to do after removing curtain rods, and I repainted it using Glidden in Satin finish and the color was Aged Beige, which is the same color I used in my laundry room. Aged Beige is a light vanilla almond color. This is a no frills color but I really like it because I can pair any color with it. It was really amazing to see the difference in that room, it was very light and cheerful and seemed twice as big with the new paint.

Step 3 was measuring the walls, and a trip to Ikea. I wanted to get the Billy bookcases after seeing a display at Ikea. But my wall isn't huge and could not accomodate these perfectly on the wall. So I had to figure out how to design my wall.

The office chair is too big and will be replaced with a smaller and different color chair
I went with 2 billy bookcases and 2 extension kits, plus 4 extension glass panel doors, and 4 half glass half solid bookcase doors. I also bought the Micke Desk in white and 2 shelves and brackets. This was total about $600. Anyone who has ever bought Ikea furniture knows it is not difficult to assemble but getting the bookcase doors on was frustrating!!! The cabinets were anchored to the walls as they did tip from being front heavy. I did not like the little white knobs that came with my doors and am still in the process of finding different knobs.

For a bit of color I found some cute wrapping papers at Homegoods and I lined the back of the cabinets with a hot pink geometric patterned paper. I attached it with glue dots so it is not permanent and can be swapped out as I get the urge for change.

This room is far from complete. But this is the start so far. Next step is to trim around the sides and ceiling to enclose the bookshelf.