Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Yard Clean Up

Normally by June I have my yard looking pretty good. I was awaiting sting testing on June 7 and one stipulation was I could not be stung by anything. This kept me from going into my yard. I did re-test on June 7 and the reaction was negative (yay!) so I am not showing allergic reaction to wasp, yellow jacket, or hornet anymore. I did 3.5yrs of immunotherapy to lessen my sensitivity and it worked!
Saturday I needed to run to Kohls to buy my niece a new pair of sandals after Buddy my toy poodle decided to eat one of her straps. Lowes is next to Kohls so I dropped into Lowes to look at flowers. I wanted to get some annuals for my flower pots, but did not want to spend over $50 in my yard. My favorites are geraniums and petunias. There are many flowers I love, but geraniums and petunias work very well in my sunny yard. I was surprised to see Lowes had no geraniums. I walked around for about 30 minutes when I finally saw hanging pots of geraniums, it was not really what I wanted but beggars cant be choosy. They had 5 pots of red and 1 pink. I prefer pink, white and the orange geraniums but I bought what they had, which was 2 red and 1 pink pot each at $9.98. Then I found these really nice sized pots of petunias I got 2 solid white and 2 white/purple mixed at $4.98 per pot. So around $50 for my flowers, I was pretty pleased with myself.
I forgot however about the 4 hanging pots I keep by the pool. This is a tricky area because the heat and the reflection from the water kill my flowers every year. I went by Dollar Tree to get a drink and noticed the fake flowers (yes, I went to that level). I found white and yellow Dahlias stems. They really were not bad, but honestly not the best looking fakes either (but $1 each). From a distance they look really good, I still have one pot to finish but its been raining so I have to wait. I got 17 total stems for $17. So now I am at $77 for my yard - I went over but still not bad at all.

First I planted all the geraniums and petunias. The difference just in doing that was amazing! Next I pulled weeds on the front of my house, while mine are not bad it did take some time. After that I decided to split the 3 overgrown hostas in my front yard, I got 17 plants (good sized) out of those 3 hostas. I moved 2 blanket flowers that had popped up in the wrong places (hope they survive!). Then cleaned up my front porch. I admittedly need to do more on my porch its a little barren, but it is clean.

I took many of the hostas and moved them to the garage side of my house. A bunch of thorny bushes were pulled last summer and what to do there has been the question. I decided to pull the weeds on that side too and planted (I think) 7-8 hostas on that side. Plus have a flower pot with petunias and planted 3 smaller pots with hostas for my hose house. I transplanted some coreopsis to this area too. Already it looks so much better.

In 2011, I was laying out stepping stones in this area and was planning to bury them into the mulch so they were flat, but I got stung and ended up in the emergency room and the stepping stones were never touched after that. I did manage to get 6 of the 27 stones buried in the mulch on Sunday. 21 to go!
Still need to paint around the new french door

Sunday night before it got too dark, I pulled weeds down the other side of my house. I also got my deck set up, same as the front porch it looks good and clean but still needs a little more decor. So Saturday and Sunday I got a lot done, but overall I still have a lot to do. My grand plan included burying 5-6 stones per night this week until all were done but we have rain in the forecast everyday for the next week, figures! So now the mulch is too wet to dig in.

Still need to clean the deck surface and lots to do in the kids play area
Monday night I used my hedge trimmer and trimmed back all 17 bushes in my yard. This took a couple hours and I raked the cuttings into piles. Tonight I will pick up that mess and pull weeds around the pool. 

It's a work in progress, I will continue to post more pictures and progress as I get more stuff done. 

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