Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Knock off Pottery Barn Art work - current progress

Pottery Barn, one of my favorite stores, has this beautiful wall art called Painted Pieced Wood Wall Art. It's a bit country but really beautiful and simple. I don't like country decor but this piece has a modern element to it that is very captivating. The PB version is big 5ft by 5ft! Too big for most spaces in my house. The PB version comes with a hefty $500 price too. But I still love it and perhaps someday it will be something I could add to my house (if I can find a wall big enough for it).

I wanted to try to create my own scaled down version of this wall art, but when I started to look at all the online DIY versions the amount of time and work that went into creating this was daunting. So I decided to try to create a painted version of this same piece.

I used a thin plywood sheet and cut it down to a 2ft by 3ft size. Looking back I should have cut it to a 2ft by 2ft to make it square but I wanted extra length at the time.

I used a ruler, a wood plank, regular size paint stir stick and an oversized paint stir stick to make my lines. Somehow, somewhere I got crooked in the middle but it's ok, as I tell my kids, it's my art and I can create it how I want it to be.

I did try to stick to the PB pattern and colors as much as possible using a rectangular board on a square pattern so I did have to make some lines much wider and ended up losing the very bottom strip because I made some of my lines too wide. Other than that the pattern is similar.

I used acrylic craft paint and many of the colors are mixed to get the desired colors. I have started the process to lightly sand my piece but I did this during the winter so it was too cold to finish. Now that Ohio is starting to warm up (haha - it was 45 degrees here yesterday) I hope to work more on this to finish the look of it. I want to sand it down more, add a stain to add some interest and possibly darken the colors a bit, they are a bit too bright as is. The pictures I took make the colors seem incredibly bright but in person they are much more subtle.

The PB version has some lines in certain planks that makes it look a bit rustic. I created the lines using a pencil and paint but I recently bought a dremel tool and want to use this to cut the lines into my version.
The piece is slightly cut crooked, but much of it was the photographer not holding the camera straight.

Cutting my plyboard was difficult so I had to use a hand saw with a fine blade. I got a bit crooked so I want to correct the cut line to straighten it out. On the back of the board I did add wood strips to add some depth to the piece for when it is hung. These strips have also pulled the plyboard straight.

I am awaiting sting testing on June 8 before venturing too far outside (I can't get stung before the testing and don't want to get stung since I don't know if I will react or not). So outside activities like mulching, picnics, planting flowers, doing projects are on hold. Once I get tested and know where I stand, still allergic or desensitized, I will know how to proceed with outdoor activities. Hopefully by June 8 Ohio weather will start behaving and be summery so I can finish this project and get some work in my flower beds done.

Look forward to showing you my finished DIY.

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