Monday, June 1, 2015

Ikea Hemnes Tall Shoe Storage Cabinet

Happy Monday!

Coming off a hectic weekend and my birthday weekend I am tired and ready to get back to work. (first off sorry for the dark and shadowed pics, my family room is difficult to photograph)

I have in the past talked about the shoe epidemic that has overrun my family room floor. I tried baskets and that didn't work, the shoes were just thrown on the floor by my kids. I will admit they still throw the shoes on the floor so I have to stay after them to put the shoes in the cabinet but the problem is about 90% better because most of the shoes are in the cabinet, its really just the ones they wear daily that I find on the floor.

I had several ideas on how to fix the shoe problem which included the kids taking their shoes to their rooms, but seriously what was I thinking !?! Then I bought 2 Ikea 4 drawer Hemnes for $99 each to have in my upstairs hallway, but somehow I ended up filling both with my own shoes. These little cabinets were easy to build, look amazing, and take up very little space. Let me also mention they totally transformed my upper hall into a quite stylish area. I went with the white cabinets.

For my family room I only needed 1 cabinet and because my ceiling is vaulted I felt a taller cabinet was needed so it looked right on the wall. I thought the small cabinet would be lost on that tall wall and because it was placed behind a reclining chair it would not be hidden. Again, I went with the white cabinet. I built this cabinet myself in maybe an hour and this was anchored to the wall. My upstairs cabinets were "anchored" with Command 3M picture hanging strips. But this cabinet is much heavier and the shoe compartments are substantial so I knew the Command strip would not be strong enough.

The cabinet is the Ikea Hemnes Shoe cabinet with 2 Compartments at $129. I admit the little charcoal color knobs are not my favorite and seemed small on this big cabinet so I bought ring pulls off Amazon to go on this cabinet. Hickory Hardware Camarilla Ring Pulls in Satin Nickel at $4.37 per pull. These were pretty pricey but well worth it, they changed the look of my cabinet from a stock Ikea piece to a more expensive looking piece of furniture.

This piece filled a blank space that I knew needed something but wasn't sure exactly what for a long time. I am still trying to find a picture or mirror to hang over this but for now I am happy with the cabinet, the pictures of my kids, my kitty's urn, and my artwork. Eventually I will get it the way I want it to look.

Welcome to June, hope you have a great summer!


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