Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Laundry Room Re-Do - Part 3 (and final...for now)

My my I have been awol since Oct 22! That was my last post and appropriately on my laundry room. I had 2 items left on my TO DO List. One was build a platform for my cabinet and the other was to stain or paint my key holder. So I actually got the platform done in October, but I admit I lost my memory stick to my camera and refused to buy a new one, therefore my long vacation from here.

I was ready to go buy a new memory stick last week because my niece and nephew graduate from high school in a couple weeks and I want to get some good pictures of them. But I cleaned my car really good over the weekend and found my missing memory stick and card reader deep under my car seat. Yay! Being stubborn paid off!
Ok so back to my laundry room. I wanted a platform for my cabinet because it was tiny compared to my stacked washer and dryer. Seriously mis-propotioned! So discussion began on what I wanted, size, and how to build. I wanted an open front platform that would raise my cabinet up so it was as tall as the stacked unit.
My dear friend Michael, also a co-worker, was discussing how this needed to be built and from what material and he then asked if he could build it for me. At first I said no, but he said he really wanted to do it for me and I agreed. Within a week I had my fabulous and so very appreciated platform! I cannot thank Michael enough.

Michael used 3/4 inch particle board and veneered the front/opening. I was so tickled to get that platform. I painted it in a bright white paint to match the cabinet, but painted the opening the same color as the laundry room door, Sherwin Williams Watery. I found a shallow basket at Michael's Craft store for the opening. The basket is a bit too tall so I am on the lookout for a new basket but for now it works.
Once the paint dried it was a matter of placing the platform and maneuvering the cabinet onto it. Let me tell ya that was a job that just about did me in. That cabinet is much heavier than it appears, but this girl got the job done :-)

So other than staining/painting the key holder (if I even do it) and eventually new flooring, this project is finished! If I do stain/paint the key holder I will post it so I can share my final outcome. My new laundry room is pretty cool, I love the colors and how it looks and functions.

Laundry Room To Do's
Paint or stain key holder
Build box/stand to raise cabinet
Hooks for coats
Small cabinet for detergent storage
Pictures for wall

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