Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Laundry Room Re-Do - Part 2

I recently shared that I was re-working my laundry room.

This space is tiny, like a work cubicle. The 2 doors bang together and it is so tight walking through that room to the kitchen or garage only 1 person at a time will fit, its my least favorite place in the house. When the dryer died and we bought the new matching dryer to complete the set we were able to stack these. Big item on my household wish list. This lead to taking down the wire shelf and repainting the entire room.

I was trying to decide on do I want a cabinet base and wall cabinets, a large cabinet or a smaller cabinet. At Lowe's we found this white freestanding cabinet. I have to say it looked so huge on the display so once it was in my room I was like really? But while it is much smaller in height then I thought, it does hold a lot of my junk supplies. This cabinet is more of a "I need something right now" necessity, so I starting thinking of ways this cabinet can be improved or raised so its taller. However,as is, it is a huge improvement over that wire shelf our builder installed (thanks for nothing buddy!)

I also replaced a black 4 hook coat hook that was on the back wall (I now have this in the garage to hold backpacks). I used the open space between the cabinet and the inside wall to add 2 white coat hooks that each have 6 hooks. All the coats and jackets are tucked away on the inside wall rather than being on the back wall pushing against the door. So much better!

By stacking the washing machine and dryer, the space became so much larger. It is amazing to think about how much space they took up when they were side-by-side. With moving my coat hooks and with the addition of the cabinet the room seems nearly double in size and more than 1 person can fit in the room now, amazing!

 I have been wanting to paint the door leading to the garage a different color because it gets pretty dirty and that really shows on a snow white door. I was leading toward a dark color but was swayed to a lighter color recently. I love the variation it adds. I painted my door Watery by Sherwin Williams an then gel stained the corner round in General Finishes Java. I still need to clean the floor where I swiped a little gel stain on the floor, but it comes off with nail polish remover.

I went to Home-A-Rama this summer and fell for canvas prints for a laundry room. I was able to search the internet until I FINALLY found the prints. I found free printables of the design I liked from Cottage Market and Shabby Creek Cottage blogs. I used my color printer and regular white printer paper. I framed these with white 11x14 inch matted frames I found at Walmart for $13.96 each. I had several colors to choose from but ultimately liked the aqua the best.

Laundry Room To Do's
Paint or stain key holder
Build box/stand to raise cabinet
Hooks for coats
Small cabinet for detergent storage
Pictures for wall

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