Friday, September 19, 2014

Upstairs Hall - Complete! - HomeGoods Gold Plank Mirror

In June, while most were outside and at play I was obsessing over storage and my upstairs hallway. I bought 2 Hemnes 4 drawer shoe cabinets from IKEA for $99 each, assembled them and spray painted the knobs gold. I had planned to eventually replace the knobs (and still may do so) but I actually like them as is. Check out my post here.

What I did not have at the time was a print or mirror to go over these cabinets. I have looked and bought and returned some things, and considered a gallery wall over these, but decided that I wanted 1 piece over these cabinets to keep it clean and simple. Since you can see my upstairs hall from my entry the more simple the better.

A two weeks ago I stopped in HomeGoods and found this mirror and loved it. It was $49.99 and I thought I was buying it for my bathroom because I need a full-length mirror. This was the only mirror like this at the store too (boo hoo!) otherwise I would have bought 2 :-). This mirror looks like wood planks that are painted a very soft gold (similar to a champagne color).

When I got home I decided to see what it might look like over my shoe cabinets and liked it, but I left the mirror on top of my shoe cabinets unhung for a week to see if I would like it after looking at it here for a few days. I didn't think the mirror would be long enough but I think it works just fine. Truth be told I wish it was like 10-12 inches longer. This mirror was just over 52 inches in length. I used the hardware from my previously hung pictures to rehang this mirror. I centered this over the 2 cabinets and hung it 6 inches from the top of the cabinets. I did hang this myself and it took about 10 minutes.

I shopped my house and found my purple candle holders (also bought at HomeGoods in late 2013) to put on the end. I want to add a plant or topiary for the other end to balance it out and to add a little greenery and life to my cabinets. I still have some styling to do, but I am happy with the look so much I am not worried that I don't have my pictures and knick knacks perfect yet.

I think the only other thing I may address is the air vent directly over my mirror. Maybe either re-cover it in something nicer and then paint it the wall color or paint the existing cover the same as the wall color to blend it in more.

My shoe cabinets...LOVE them. I cleared out all my shoes a couple weeks ago and relocated most to these shoe cabinets, some stayed in my master closet, some were thrown away, and many were taken to Goodwill. I have a closet floor I can start replacing what I donated and threw away ;-)

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