Thursday, September 18, 2014

Laundry Room Re-Do - Part 1

Well my To Do list just got bigger! My laundry room is now on the radar. It needed updating but it was not high on my list.

Over the summer my dryer decided it had enough and no longer got hot.  We have had this dryer repaired so many times and have basically bought the dryer a couple times just in repair costs. We decided that we didn't want to repair it again and wanted to buy the dryer that matches our newly purchased washing machine so we can stack them. Good thing too, LG is changing models and mine was on clearance! Still was expensive though!

This room is tiny, like a cubicle, so when something changes in that room it is time to start painting. I chose accessible beige by Sherwin Williams, but I prefer Glidden paints so I found the closest equivalent called aged beige. I bought satin finish.

Because the room is so small I wanted a very light color but complementary to the colors in the adjoining rooms. The color looked darker and had a greyish tone on the paint card but in my room it is very light and very beige - like an almond vanilla color.

The builder put in a cheap-o metal (I think Rubbermaid) wire shelf. I was happy to see that thing be pulled out. I hate those wire shelves! But it left 10 holes in my wall to be patched. It took 2 days to adequately cover and dry the patch.

While I was doing the drywall patch, I removed the wallpaper border, wiped down the walls, wiped down the baseboards and floor, taped off the ceiling and trim, and started to paint the trim and got a good first coat on the walls with the exception of the patched spots. I was not sure of the new color but once that first coat dried it is very light and pretty.

After sanding the patches, I put a good thick first coat on the unpainted areas, and later completed the second coat in the entire space. I liked the mint green at one time, but so happy to see it and the wallpaper border go buh-bye!

That was a 3 day job and a rush job. No exercising, making dinner, or other chores happened. But it was worth it. The washer and dryer are now stacked which adds space to the room and we repainted the walls. Since the wire shelf was removed we need storage so I am on the hunt for a tall cabinet to add in the laundry room, stay tuned for part 2 of this remodel.

Laundry Room To Do's
Paint or stain key holder
Hooks for coats
Small cabinet for detergent storage
Pictures for wall

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