Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Adding Small Plants and Succulents to Kitchen Window - 10 Minute Design Update

I have been hard at work on several small projects in my house. We had a couple mid-size projects happen in the past month or two that have had me busy and I have also been on a clean out mission in our fourth bedroom.

I have a To Do list/Wish List for my house that is a mile long, and I admit it can be frustrating and daunting at times. It takes time and money to do repairs and renovations and the majority of what I need done are money projects. There has to be a priority of what is completed and getting bills paid off is always the top priority.

One easy and small project that I have enjoyed was clearing out my kitchen window sill. It was pretty cluttered and full of junk. I am the first to admit that I am a clutterbug and things can start to pile up if I am not on top of things.

Small inexpensive projects are a good way for me to stay busy and a way for me to get something finished in my house. While some might think it's just a window sill, for me it is a project that made a space look much better and made me either throw out, donate or relocate items that really didn't belong in the window sill.

I bought the plants and the metal buckets (Socker) at Ikea. The buckets were $.79 and the plants were between $2-$4 each. I thought about painting the buckets or adding some color but after I got them in the window I like the simplicity of the metal buckets with the plants. I put some rocks under the 2 center plants to raise them. I also added some glass stones (I mixed Blue and Aqua), small river rocks, and floral moss to the pots (all bought at Dollar Tree).

I just did what I liked ...nothing complicated, I added blue stones to my plant on the right but will likely take them out and leave the river rock on top, I liked the way the plants looked when they all were a little different from the others.

What I like about this besides clearing the clutter, it is adds some shine (the buckets) and color with the various shades of green and blues. Plus something about plants changes the way an area looks. These little plants have been in my window for about a month and love this space.

The total cost of this project was about $15.00 and it took about 10 minutes to complete.

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