Friday, June 20, 2014

Upstairs Hall - Ikea Shoe Cabinets

While the rest of my neighbors are hard at work in their yard, I am worrying about my upstairs hallway. Seriously...
First cabinet built!
I constantly complain about lack of storage in my house. The kids shoe problem in my family room has become an epidemic. Like no one wants to take their shoes up to their bedrooms. We have a temporary (meant for my garage) plastic shoe cabinet in the family room filled, then I have 2 baskets full and still a huge pile of shoes on the floor. Ok, so the solution is to take the shoes upstairs but in time they just migrate back down stairs.
Sitting to the side, but amazed at how little space this takes up
SO....I found the cutest shoe cabinets at Ikea. I got the white because I liked it best and it matches my trim and shutters. My upstairs hallway wall is just over 108 inches so 2 cabinets would fit nicely.
Before and After, closest cabinet has black knobs other has gold knobs
I got the 4 "drawer" Hemnes and paid $99.99 per cabinet. These took about 2 hours each to put together. They have black/grey knobs. The finish on the front and top has a lacquered look.
Carmen sniffing the knobs, one was still drying!
The knobs were just okay to me.  I am trying to find pull ring hardware for this, but as a temporary solution decided the knobs need to be gold. This really changed the look of the cabinet, they look like more expensive pieces now.
The depth of these cabinets is just under 9 inches. They take up no space and do not block our walkway at all. I put some cute pictures of the kids on the ledge, a candle, my West Elm rocker bird and my gold sea urchin. (All picture frames are from Home Goods).
You may notice these only have front legs which means you should anchor the cabinets to the wall. I hate poking holes in the walls so I used my favorite Command 3M Picture Hanging Strips to adhere my cabinets to the walls. I used 2 down each side and 2 on the back (for a total of 12 strips per cabinet). They are not going anywhere!
Love this now, looks like a little room
I had 2 prints on that wall and they are still there, they just by luck happened to be centered over the cabinets, so for now it works, but I want to either get a big mirror or some kind of print, just need to figure out what I want.
IKEA stock photo, trying to decide if I want a mirror like this or a print
Pictures don't capture what this hallway really looks or feels like, this space now is like another room now. And it's the room that is closest to being complete.

Upstairs Hallway To Do List:
Mirror or print over cabinets

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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I know that this blog post was from 3 years back - but I needed some advice.
    I am moving into my new rental studio flat and planning to buy the Hemnes shoe cabinet and do exactly like what you did - meaning to say, mounting the cabinet against the wall using 3M command strips. I just want to know how's it going on - is it still holding strong? and did you ever try to remove it and does it do a lot of damage on the wall surface?

    Thank you Jennifer!