Monday, June 23, 2014

New chairs - Lazyboy

Yes Lazyboy... I LOVE their stuff!

Picture this: One recliner that was originally my moms, became mine and in the past year others (both animal and human) decided they liked my chair so the problem began.

My mom had this smallish blue leather recliner and after many years was ready to get rid of it. I was talking to her on the phone one day and she said she was getting ready to put it on the curb.  I don't think so.. we drove the hour and a half to Columbus so I could retrieve that chair and we have had it for the past 8 years.

This beloved chair was used and very used at that. The material was thread bare in spots and started to rip. I fixed it with needle and thread and no one was making me throw out that recliner, I looked at it like a blanket could be thrown over the worst spots when we had company. In February, a spring broke and the footrest would not go down. Now we have a problem. I relented and it was time to get a new chair.

Off to Lazyboy we went. Now Tim needed this leather recliner that has electric controls, grey leather. It is very nice and comfortable. Me I was wanting a big cozy chair like a Pottery Barn type of chair, no frills, no electric, nothing that reclined just a big chair. I like to have stuff with me at all times so I need a big chair that will hold me and all the stuff I want to do or look through while I am sitting.

Lazyboy had lots of chairs but not really what I wanted. I found a chair and a half that I liked a lot, its the Kayden model. This sucker was big but the material was not great, it reminded me of burlap. Great thing about Lazyboy is you can cover the chair in anything you want and I found one really soft material that reminded me of courdoroy and the throw pillow I got covered in a Robert Allen Sol Sterling pattern. I also got the ottoman. My chair is a cream color, is it very pretty.

We have had these chairs for a couple months now. I admit I have not sat in mine too much. Since we got the puppy I feel bad about him being contained in the kitchen, he whines and cries and I cannot take it so I end up sitting at the kitchen table with him or I have to go upstairs to my bedroom to not hear the whining.

My family room is still a work in progress. The couch and chairs are a good start. I just got new lamps at Home Goods. I need to replace my curtains, I shrunk mine after my kitty died in February, apparently super hot water was deadly to that material. But I do plan to get more of the Sol Sterling material and eventually have panels made to match my little throw pillow. Then there are the big items, all good things in time...
Family Room To Do List:
Shoe cabinet
built ins
new tables
fireplace surround and mantle
new flooring
hang TV
new curtains

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