Wednesday, June 25, 2014

HomeGoods Find - New Curtains by Cynthia Rowley

Sorry used my phone to snap these pics, not the best quality!

I mentioned previously that my IKEA curtains shrunk when I cleaned/disinfected them after my kitty died in February. I would like to eventually have panels made using the Robert Allen Sterling Sol fabric that matches my pillow from my chair and a half.

Right now I have so much on my plate with things I want to get done, that making custom-made panels is not a top priority.

During a recent walk through at HomeGoods, I spied these Cynthia Rowley panels in cream and 2 shades of gray Ikat pattern for $40. I really like the Ikat pattern so I thought these will be a good solution for my windows to replace the shrunken panels and to get me by for a while until the custom panels is a TO DO list priority. Plus $40 for 2 panels is cheap!
Buddy and Carmen seem to like the longer length curtains!

I admit I was used to the pretty white panels, so changing to the busy Ikat pattern threw me off. I was not sure if I liked this or not. I took my daughter to a dance competition for 2 days and when I got home yesterday the new curtains were good. No system shock from looking at them or anything, I guess I needed to adjust for a few days.
This is a truer view of my room, this room stays pretty dark when the blinds are closed

The colors match my furniture perfectly and I don't have any patterns that would clash so I am pleased with how these look.

Family Room To Do List:
Shoe cabinet
built ins
new tables
fireplace surround and mantle
new flooring
hang TV

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