Friday, June 27, 2014

Home Gym Wall Decals - Right on the Walls

I have been slowly building my home gym. When we built our house I claimed this room as my future home gym. I already had most of my equipment so I had a basic no thrills room for many years. My daughter picked out the cheerful yellow paint, and I admit it was not my choice but after it was painted I liked it.

When I decided I needed something on the walls I chose a wall decal. I wanted something that would stamp the room and make it look official. Right on the Walls is a company that sells various wall decals based on room or topic. I was able to find their fitness section with ease and they had a great selection of decals to choose from.

I narrowed my choices down to 2, but in the end I liked the shape and the added graphics of the hand weights on the decal I chose. I ordered online with a coupon I found on a Retail Me Not sort of coupon site.The decal could be customized by color and then personalized with your name. I decided I liked the black with red against my yellow walls, so I admit I wasn't overly creative.

Shipping was fast, it took about a week for them to make the decal and ship it to my door.

Once my decal arrived, I removed it from the tube and laid it flat. It was suggested for 24 hours but mine laid for a few weeks. Applying the decal was easy. First you remove the backing from the background part of your decal. You should pre-mark your walls so you have the decal centered. I gently pressed the corner of the paper on the wall and used a small level to verify I had the decal straight. Once straight I pressed the decal onto the wall and used the scraping tool to rub the decal on the wall. After I was confident I had the decal on the wall, I slowly pulled the front paper off the decal at a diagonal.

For the top portion of my decal I chose to cut out the various pieces and add them individually. I found this easier than fumbling around with the big sheet of decal. I followed the same process of centering and leveling and rubbing the decal on the wall.

If you see the decal pulling off when you remove the front paper just press it back against the wall and rub firmly with the scraping tool. It will stick!  Also, I stuck the decal on the wall and pulled if off several times when I was trying to level the background decal, just be gentle the decal will come off.

I am very happy with this. It took me a few weeks to decide on where to put this. I originally had a different wall in mind but the decal was too small for that space so I had to think it through before applying it. I like where I put it though!

My gym is getting there, the To Do list is shrinking.

Home Gym To Do List:
Doors to cover panel
New equipment - treadmill
Figure out what the heck I did to my bike??
repaint doors and baseboards
new TV and sound system!!!!!!

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