Friday, June 13, 2014

Home Gym Strength Machine - Weider Pro 6900

I have been hard at work getting little projects underway. I mentioned before that I have a few items left on my checklist to finish my homegym. My next project was covering the panel but that didn't pan out. Instead I bought a home gym strength machine.

This machine, the Weider Pro 6900, is sold at Sears it was $299.99 in the store but online the price was slightly lower at $284.99. I did make the purchase in the store because I bought this using a gift card and I could not use it online but Sears gave me the lower online price and the sales rep completed the sale for me!
I was fortunate enough to receive a nice 15 year anniversary gift in the form of an American Express gift card from work and I had a $50 Sears gift card that my sister gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I opted to add-on the 2 yr protection plan and my total was $348.54, that left me with just over $1 on my gift card.
I read all 69 reviews and visited the store a few times looking at the machine before buying. I am happy that I finally went for it and got the machine. It was a free piece of equipment (free meaning I didn't pay for it out of my own pocket) and it is not too large, I had a perfect spot for this in my home gym.

Reviews had an average build time of about 6 hours and all reviews stated you need a socket wrench set (this was so true). I thought the build time seemed high and it was, we built his in about 3 hours. Correction my husband really did most of it, I was good for separating out parts and handing over screws, nuts, and bolts. I also organized his socket wrench set. I was tired, what can I say!
Had to move my stair climber to the other corner and put Total Gym in the middle, not sure if I like this change yet
The machine came with an exercise guide, I supposedly can do up to 56 exercises on this machine but the guide only lists 36 Weider's universal exercises that can be done on a combination of Weider machines. I had an old frame laying around and decided to spray paint the frame red, and spray glued the exercise list to the frame backing and then trimmed the edges. Because I like to plan what I want to do in the gym, I took the frame backing to Lowe's and had them cut a piece of plastic to fit my frame, this cost $11.00. This allows me to use a dry erase marker directly on the plastic without damaging the exercise guide.
So far I have used my machine several times and love it!

Home Gym To Do List:
Doors to cover panel
New equipment - treadmill
Figure out what the heck I did to my bike??
repaint doors and baseboards
new TV and sound system!!!!!!

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