Saturday, June 28, 2014


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Friday, June 27, 2014

Home Gym Wall Decals - Right on the Walls

I have been slowly building my home gym. When we built our house I claimed this room as my future home gym. I already had most of my equipment so I had a basic no thrills room for many years. My daughter picked out the cheerful yellow paint, and I admit it was not my choice but after it was painted I liked it.

When I decided I needed something on the walls I chose a wall decal. I wanted something that would stamp the room and make it look official. Right on the Walls is a company that sells various wall decals based on room or topic. I was able to find their fitness section with ease and they had a great selection of decals to choose from.

I narrowed my choices down to 2, but in the end I liked the shape and the added graphics of the hand weights on the decal I chose. I ordered online with a coupon I found on a Retail Me Not sort of coupon site.The decal could be customized by color and then personalized with your name. I decided I liked the black with red against my yellow walls, so I admit I wasn't overly creative.

Shipping was fast, it took about a week for them to make the decal and ship it to my door.

Once my decal arrived, I removed it from the tube and laid it flat. It was suggested for 24 hours but mine laid for a few weeks. Applying the decal was easy. First you remove the backing from the background part of your decal. You should pre-mark your walls so you have the decal centered. I gently pressed the corner of the paper on the wall and used a small level to verify I had the decal straight. Once straight I pressed the decal onto the wall and used the scraping tool to rub the decal on the wall. After I was confident I had the decal on the wall, I slowly pulled the front paper off the decal at a diagonal.

For the top portion of my decal I chose to cut out the various pieces and add them individually. I found this easier than fumbling around with the big sheet of decal. I followed the same process of centering and leveling and rubbing the decal on the wall.

If you see the decal pulling off when you remove the front paper just press it back against the wall and rub firmly with the scraping tool. It will stick!  Also, I stuck the decal on the wall and pulled if off several times when I was trying to level the background decal, just be gentle the decal will come off.

I am very happy with this. It took me a few weeks to decide on where to put this. I originally had a different wall in mind but the decal was too small for that space so I had to think it through before applying it. I like where I put it though!

My gym is getting there, the To Do list is shrinking.

Home Gym To Do List:
Doors to cover panel
New equipment - treadmill
Figure out what the heck I did to my bike??
repaint doors and baseboards
new TV and sound system!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

HomeGoods Find - New Curtains by Cynthia Rowley

Sorry used my phone to snap these pics, not the best quality!

I mentioned previously that my IKEA curtains shrunk when I cleaned/disinfected them after my kitty died in February. I would like to eventually have panels made using the Robert Allen Sterling Sol fabric that matches my pillow from my chair and a half.

Right now I have so much on my plate with things I want to get done, that making custom-made panels is not a top priority.

During a recent walk through at HomeGoods, I spied these Cynthia Rowley panels in cream and 2 shades of gray Ikat pattern for $40. I really like the Ikat pattern so I thought these will be a good solution for my windows to replace the shrunken panels and to get me by for a while until the custom panels is a TO DO list priority. Plus $40 for 2 panels is cheap!
Buddy and Carmen seem to like the longer length curtains!

I admit I was used to the pretty white panels, so changing to the busy Ikat pattern threw me off. I was not sure if I liked this or not. I took my daughter to a dance competition for 2 days and when I got home yesterday the new curtains were good. No system shock from looking at them or anything, I guess I needed to adjust for a few days.
This is a truer view of my room, this room stays pretty dark when the blinds are closed

The colors match my furniture perfectly and I don't have any patterns that would clash so I am pleased with how these look.

Family Room To Do List:
Shoe cabinet
built ins
new tables
fireplace surround and mantle
new flooring
hang TV

Monday, June 23, 2014

New chairs - Lazyboy

Yes Lazyboy... I LOVE their stuff!

Picture this: One recliner that was originally my moms, became mine and in the past year others (both animal and human) decided they liked my chair so the problem began.

My mom had this smallish blue leather recliner and after many years was ready to get rid of it. I was talking to her on the phone one day and she said she was getting ready to put it on the curb.  I don't think so.. we drove the hour and a half to Columbus so I could retrieve that chair and we have had it for the past 8 years.

This beloved chair was used and very used at that. The material was thread bare in spots and started to rip. I fixed it with needle and thread and no one was making me throw out that recliner, I looked at it like a blanket could be thrown over the worst spots when we had company. In February, a spring broke and the footrest would not go down. Now we have a problem. I relented and it was time to get a new chair.

Off to Lazyboy we went. Now Tim needed this leather recliner that has electric controls, grey leather. It is very nice and comfortable. Me I was wanting a big cozy chair like a Pottery Barn type of chair, no frills, no electric, nothing that reclined just a big chair. I like to have stuff with me at all times so I need a big chair that will hold me and all the stuff I want to do or look through while I am sitting.

Lazyboy had lots of chairs but not really what I wanted. I found a chair and a half that I liked a lot, its the Kayden model. This sucker was big but the material was not great, it reminded me of burlap. Great thing about Lazyboy is you can cover the chair in anything you want and I found one really soft material that reminded me of courdoroy and the throw pillow I got covered in a Robert Allen Sol Sterling pattern. I also got the ottoman. My chair is a cream color, is it very pretty.

We have had these chairs for a couple months now. I admit I have not sat in mine too much. Since we got the puppy I feel bad about him being contained in the kitchen, he whines and cries and I cannot take it so I end up sitting at the kitchen table with him or I have to go upstairs to my bedroom to not hear the whining.

My family room is still a work in progress. The couch and chairs are a good start. I just got new lamps at Home Goods. I need to replace my curtains, I shrunk mine after my kitty died in February, apparently super hot water was deadly to that material. But I do plan to get more of the Sol Sterling material and eventually have panels made to match my little throw pillow. Then there are the big items, all good things in time...
Family Room To Do List:
Shoe cabinet
built ins
new tables
fireplace surround and mantle
new flooring
hang TV
new curtains
Friday, June 20, 2014

Upstairs Hall - Ikea Shoe Cabinets

While the rest of my neighbors are hard at work in their yard, I am worrying about my upstairs hallway. Seriously...
First cabinet built!
I constantly complain about lack of storage in my house. The kids shoe problem in my family room has become an epidemic. Like no one wants to take their shoes up to their bedrooms. We have a temporary (meant for my garage) plastic shoe cabinet in the family room filled, then I have 2 baskets full and still a huge pile of shoes on the floor. Ok, so the solution is to take the shoes upstairs but in time they just migrate back down stairs.
Sitting to the side, but amazed at how little space this takes up
SO....I found the cutest shoe cabinets at Ikea. I got the white because I liked it best and it matches my trim and shutters. My upstairs hallway wall is just over 108 inches so 2 cabinets would fit nicely.
Before and After, closest cabinet has black knobs other has gold knobs
I got the 4 "drawer" Hemnes and paid $99.99 per cabinet. These took about 2 hours each to put together. They have black/grey knobs. The finish on the front and top has a lacquered look.
Carmen sniffing the knobs, one was still drying!
The knobs were just okay to me.  I am trying to find pull ring hardware for this, but as a temporary solution decided the knobs need to be gold. This really changed the look of the cabinet, they look like more expensive pieces now.
The depth of these cabinets is just under 9 inches. They take up no space and do not block our walkway at all. I put some cute pictures of the kids on the ledge, a candle, my West Elm rocker bird and my gold sea urchin. (All picture frames are from Home Goods).
You may notice these only have front legs which means you should anchor the cabinets to the wall. I hate poking holes in the walls so I used my favorite Command 3M Picture Hanging Strips to adhere my cabinets to the walls. I used 2 down each side and 2 on the back (for a total of 12 strips per cabinet). They are not going anywhere!
Love this now, looks like a little room
I had 2 prints on that wall and they are still there, they just by luck happened to be centered over the cabinets, so for now it works, but I want to either get a big mirror or some kind of print, just need to figure out what I want.
IKEA stock photo, trying to decide if I want a mirror like this or a print
Pictures don't capture what this hallway really looks or feels like, this space now is like another room now. And it's the room that is closest to being complete.

Upstairs Hallway To Do List:
Mirror or print over cabinets

Friday, June 13, 2014

Home Gym Strength Machine - Weider Pro 6900

I have been hard at work getting little projects underway. I mentioned before that I have a few items left on my checklist to finish my homegym. My next project was covering the panel but that didn't pan out. Instead I bought a home gym strength machine.

This machine, the Weider Pro 6900, is sold at Sears it was $299.99 in the store but online the price was slightly lower at $284.99. I did make the purchase in the store because I bought this using a gift card and I could not use it online but Sears gave me the lower online price and the sales rep completed the sale for me!
I was fortunate enough to receive a nice 15 year anniversary gift in the form of an American Express gift card from work and I had a $50 Sears gift card that my sister gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I opted to add-on the 2 yr protection plan and my total was $348.54, that left me with just over $1 on my gift card.
I read all 69 reviews and visited the store a few times looking at the machine before buying. I am happy that I finally went for it and got the machine. It was a free piece of equipment (free meaning I didn't pay for it out of my own pocket) and it is not too large, I had a perfect spot for this in my home gym.

Reviews had an average build time of about 6 hours and all reviews stated you need a socket wrench set (this was so true). I thought the build time seemed high and it was, we built his in about 3 hours. Correction my husband really did most of it, I was good for separating out parts and handing over screws, nuts, and bolts. I also organized his socket wrench set. I was tired, what can I say!
Had to move my stair climber to the other corner and put Total Gym in the middle, not sure if I like this change yet
The machine came with an exercise guide, I supposedly can do up to 56 exercises on this machine but the guide only lists 36 Weider's universal exercises that can be done on a combination of Weider machines. I had an old frame laying around and decided to spray paint the frame red, and spray glued the exercise list to the frame backing and then trimmed the edges. Because I like to plan what I want to do in the gym, I took the frame backing to Lowe's and had them cut a piece of plastic to fit my frame, this cost $11.00. This allows me to use a dry erase marker directly on the plastic without damaging the exercise guide.
So far I have used my machine several times and love it!

Home Gym To Do List:
Doors to cover panel
New equipment - treadmill
Figure out what the heck I did to my bike??
repaint doors and baseboards
new TV and sound system!!!!!!
Tuesday, June 10, 2014

End of Year Teacher's Gift

The end of school has finally arrived! We had to tack on 4 extra days due to the bad weather so this day was long overdue.

Yesterday I remembered I needed to get teacher's gifts and dropped in Home Goods to see what I could find on such short notice. I was thinking some paper, but nixed that idea and then decided a basket filled with food goodies was a better gift.

I found 2 cloth baskets, costing $5.99 and $6.99 and then set out to fill them up. I went with healthy apple chips, a lemonade mix, Hershey bar, chips and salsa, pasta and sauce, and key lime cookie straws. I got both teachers the same gift except the baskets are slightly different and the pasta are different shapes.

I paid about $34 per basket and I thought this was a cool gift and original. I would love to be a teacher and get a gift like this!

I hope my kid's teachers liked their gifts today and have a great summer break!