Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Buddy the Puppy and Spring!

Buddy the pup! Finally at his forever home playing with the kids and cousin Emily

This past moth has been a busy time! Sorry I have been away. I have been in a flurry of dance competitions for my daughter in addition to lacrosse season.  I run, run, run most of the time in the evenings after I get off work. Plus the rush to get all those last minute school projects done before spring break was daunting. While it is the kid's work, I seem to get assigned plenty of homework myself from the teachers.
Brooke and Gracie
Brooke, Corinne, Tori and Hayley - the most amazing 5 girls I know

This week is spring break, (yes I know it is super late for spring break). So I am working from home 1/2 day and vacation 1/2 day so I can spend time with the kids and get to know our new little baby (aka Buddy the puppy). Plus we have a fun surprise planned and Sunday is Easter at our friend/neighbors house, so lots to do!
Carmen loves Buddy's crate!

I mentioned before we were looking for a puppy and we did adopt a puppy and finally got him over the weekend! He is such a sweet little dog. Buddy is a tiny toy poodle and just turned 8 weeks old. He is learning that he must potty outside but he has had several accidents, luckily my carpet is old and needs replaced! My steam cleaner is on constant standby to suck up any little accidents. Our newer kitten is very intrigued by Buddy and is getting used to him, they like to chase each other around first thing in the morning. It's hilarious to watch.
April 15 - Crazy Ohio weather!

This week we got the oddest snow on April 15!!! Unbelievable!  Now it is melted but just cold and wintery feeling outside! I feel for my kids what a sucky spring break!
Aaron's Boy Scouts trip to the fire dept
Around the house, I admit little has gotten done! We did order chairs for the family room and they came in and are soooo nice!  I will post pictures of these soon. In my home gym, I ordered a wallie but still am trying to figure out where to hang it, once its is finished I will post about it too. I am still deciding on a piece of exercise equipment I want to buy, but I am trying to choose between 2 pieces.
In Columbus for a dance competition. Visiting the Easton American Girl store with Aunt Michelle and cousin Emma

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