Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Home Gym Mirrors

Yesterday, I posted my 2014 home projects list goals. I hope to plow right through this but lets be real, lots of stuff going on between working a full-time job and having 2 kids very active in activities. I feel lucky when I get to workout in my home gym or anywhere for that matter! Most of the time I am running from work to kids activities to cleaning my house and am tired by the time I get home and finished with chores.

I need to focus on one thing at a time. I get sidetracked very easily and that causes me more delays with projects. This winter I decided I wanted to finish my exercise room, this has been ongoing for years! So I got the room cleaned up and decided I had to start adding the mirrors.

Walls mirrors are not cheap. I researched for about a year and the cheapest I could find without installation was about $1,200. The other thing was holes have to be put into the walls to hang the mirrors. When I think of $1,200 spent on mirrors just so I can see myself it seemed excessive. I decided to start looking for some other cheaper alternative.

I was in Target or Walmart and was looking at the $5 framed door mirrors and this sparked an idea that maybe I could use this type of mirror. In the fall I was making the same type of mirrors into chalkboard panels and set a couple side-by-side to see what it looked like. I didn't like the frames, it was 2 inches of frame between each mirror piece. I needed unframed mirrors. This is the tricky part because they are not sold cheaply unframed.

At Walmart I found an unframed but beveled edge door mirror for $14.95. This was 4ft in height and 13in wide. The beveled edge was not my favorite but after I placed 2 side-by-side it wasn't that bad. So I took them home and hung these with Command 3M Picture hanging strips. I have about 4 inches of uncovered wall on each edge, so measuring the wall and knowing the dimensions of the mirrors is important to get the mirrors centered correctly.

I had my husband help me get the first 2 mirrors on the wall to make sure I was in the correct spot and to make sure the mirror was level. After that I was able to hang these myself without any issues.

Brooke helping out with pictures
I hung these mirrors over a 4 month period because Walmart was only carrying these 1-2 mirrors at a time, if they even had them. I needed 13 mirrors and it took me 4 months to find them going to multiple stores. But the good part of this was the cost was spread out over 4 months! Each mirror was $14.95 so with tax I was a little over $200 on mirrors, plus I used 12 strips per mirror (probably way too many! but my mirrors aren't going anywhere), and I bought the big packs that cost $8.88 these hung 2 mirrors, so I bought 7 packs. Overall with materials cost and tax this project cost me around $275.

Not exactly how I wanted my mirrors to look, but I am used to the bevel edges now and think they have a unique look. I love that I can actually see myself while working out and check my form.

Still lots to do to finish my room, but this was a huge monkey on my back! My next gym project is to cover the electric panel :) Stay tuned.


  1. This is what I'm going to be doing!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi there! I love this idea. I found it on Pinterest. I see this was posted a few years ago, how are the mirrors holding up? So 12 strips per mirror is good enough? I would be scared that they would fall!

    1. Hi, my apologies for the delayed response. I no longer own that house,but the new owner reports the mirrors are still up! She said she has pushed on them a couple times a year the past 2 years to make sure they are still secure on the walls