Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Home Gym Mirrors

Yesterday, I posted my 2014 home projects list goals. I hope to plow right through this but lets be real, lots of stuff going on between working a full-time job and having 2 kids very active in activities. I feel lucky when I get to workout in my home gym or anywhere for that matter! Most of the time I am running from work to kids activities to cleaning my house and am tired by the time I get home and finished with chores.

I need to focus on one thing at a time. I get sidetracked very easily and that causes me more delays with projects. This winter I decided I wanted to finish my exercise room, this has been ongoing for years! So I got the room cleaned up and decided I had to start adding the mirrors.

Walls mirrors are not cheap. I researched for about a year and the cheapest I could find without installation was about $1,200. The other thing was holes have to be put into the walls to hang the mirrors. When I think of $1,200 spent on mirrors just so I can see myself it seemed excessive. I decided to start looking for some other cheaper alternative.

I was in Target or Walmart and was looking at the $5 framed door mirrors and this sparked an idea that maybe I could use this type of mirror. In the fall I was making the same type of mirrors into chalkboard panels and set a couple side-by-side to see what it looked like. I didn't like the frames, it was 2 inches of frame between each mirror piece. I needed unframed mirrors. This is the tricky part because they are not sold cheaply unframed.

At Walmart I found an unframed but beveled edge door mirror for $14.95. This was 4ft in height and 13in wide. The beveled edge was not my favorite but after I placed 2 side-by-side it wasn't that bad. So I took them home and hung these with Command 3M Picture hanging strips. I have about 4 inches of uncovered wall on each edge, so measuring the wall and knowing the dimensions of the mirrors is important to get the mirrors centered correctly.

I had my husband help me get the first 2 mirrors on the wall to make sure I was in the correct spot and to make sure the mirror was level. After that I was able to hang these myself without any issues.

Brooke helping out with pictures
I hung these mirrors over a 4 month period because Walmart was only carrying these 1-2 mirrors at a time, if they even had them. I needed 13 mirrors and it took me 4 months to find them going to multiple stores. But the good part of this was the cost was spread out over 4 months! Each mirror was $14.95 so with tax I was a little over $200 on mirrors, plus I used 12 strips per mirror (probably way too many! but my mirrors aren't going anywhere), and I bought the big packs that cost $8.88 these hung 2 mirrors, so I bought 7 packs. Overall with materials cost and tax this project cost me around $275.

Not exactly how I wanted my mirrors to look, but I am used to the bevel edges now and think they have a unique look. I love that I can actually see myself while working out and check my form.

Still lots to do to finish my room, but this was a huge monkey on my back! My next gym project is to cover the electric panel :) Stay tuned.

Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Project List

This time of year I start really thinking about what I need to get done in the current year. Here are the spaces I hope to show you this year:

My exercise room has been high on my list. I want to work out and I want my room to be finished and comfortable to go into. In the past it was like a dark dungeon and I just felt uncomfortable in there. But I have been hard at work and have most of my room finished. Still little touches to go, but overall I am pleased with the progress I have made in this room this winter. I have been using my room too, it is lighter and using it helps me understand what I still need to finish and what I need to add to my room.

Back wall has stair climber and Total Gym. This is also where I have open floor space
Side wall - has storage closet, plus my message board, and my expedite that holds my supplies

The main view - I just finished my mirror wall! The front wall has my dumbells, small
equipment and bars, the side wall has my recumbent bike, elliptical, and treadmill. 
Home office is another area I want to improve, and I am embarrassed to post this picture but maybe that will get me moving on this room. I complain about lack of storage in my house, and my home office is a reflection of this lack of storage, it is literally a dumping ground for our junk that has no place to call home. I have visions of cabinets on the back wall with a built in crafting desk and a freestanding desk. The main goal of this space is to add storage. We have a very old desk, shelf and file cabinet in that room, the wall desk makes you not want to go in that room, the color is like baby poo! and the carpet has to go!
This picture actually doesn't represent the disaster and I am missing the corners of this room, so yes it is bad. My desk top is covered in stuff, the floor on the right is a stack of briefcases, backpacks and bags that have no home. Cat stuff is everywhere since this room is currently under quarantine due to my kitty dying from infectious disease on Feb 4. 
Dining room is yet another dumping ground for stuff. We have a china cabinet that holds all my china, crystal, and flatware but I would like eventually to get a new dining room set, Pottery Barn has one table I am drooling over, but all good things in time. I fell hard for the board and batten projects all over Pinterest, but nothing is finalized yet. I just know I need some change in this room and more storage. I am even considering some built in cabinets to give me storage I need.
Picture taken this morning, how my table typically looks
Diningroom cleared out for holidays
Family room, the hub. This is where we gather. We have a new couch, but the chair has had it. My mom bought this chair probably 20 years ago, she was ready to get rid of it like 6-7 years ago and I asked her to let me have it, I love that chair but the material is worn down and tearing and the spring for the recliner broke and now the foot rest will not go down. We just ordered 2 new chairs, the fireplace will be manteled this year, the tv mounted and some cabinets added on either side of the fireplace. Hopefully some new flooring and curtains.

Upstairs hallway. This is 2014 do-able. I just want to add a couple shallow shoe cabinets on the wall, possibly a nice mirror. We’re talking a fast and inexpensive project to pull off.

Kitchen and eat in area was slated for 2013, then moved to 2014, but until medical bills are paid off this room has to be postponed. Sad, yes but until I really know what I want in this room holding off is not a bad thing. Medical bills will be paid off this year (as well as my car! woohoo) so maybe 2015, I hope! the vinyl flooring is literally falling apart.

We will see what happens this year. But these are the areas I want to get started and possibly finished in 2014.