Thursday, February 13, 2014

Loss of a Pet

I think in my last post, I mentioned my cat was sick. I have to say the past few weeks have been rough, everything stopped besides the normal mandatory daily activities. My cat had a distended belly and I noticed it on a Saturday and it looked even bigger the next day, and my kitty was acting like something was very wrong. I had also noticed my kitty had not pooped except one time in the previous week which was very unusual and even more unusual she urinated outside her litter box even though she was climbing in it to go. Her missing her box while in it is not normal.

Brooke had a special bond with Hoot
I did take her to the vet and they threw out a couple of life ending issues but sent the belly fluid for testing. I ended up taking her back a week later on Feb 3. At that visit I was told my cat was dying from FIP (feline infectious peritonitis virus). They kept her that afternoon to give her fluids because of her dehydration and an enema to help give her relief and make her comfortable. My cat is an only pet and indoors and she was 19 years old.

Hoot on Feb 4, She never moved from this position after I cleaned her and re-wrapped her in a blanket
The next morning early on Feb 4, I woke up to a meow, so I went down to check and found my kitty collapsed by the stairs. I wrapped her in a blanket because she lost her bowels and cleaned her up and stayed with her until others woke up. That morning we took another trip to the vet because we knew she was dying. She was slipping away when we got her to the vet and the vet confirmed my beautiful cat was dying. At this time we put her down to save her from more suffering. She was so far gone by the time she was put down, I don't think she would have made it much longer, maybe a few hours. Euthanasia was not how I wanted to say goodbye to my companion of 18 years, but as her keeper and companion it was my final act of friendship and love. My kitty was known as Holly, Hootie, Hoot, Tiger, Fluffy, and KooKoo.

Hoot was a death row inmate at the local shelter when I found her exactly 18 years ago this month. I went to adopt a kitten at the pet store where the humane society set up once a week. I had to work that day and got there 30 minutes before they shut down and left. I was disappointed when I only saw the 2 cats that were 10-12 months old. But the lady told me if they were not adopted in the next 30 minutes they were going to put them down the next day. That statement got me, and I chose Hoot because the tip of her tail was yellow. She was a wonderful pet, not too active, too loud, or too curious. Hoot was pampered, spoiled, and lived an amazing life full of love and admiration from her humans. I am still healing from losing her, it has been very difficult to accept.

New Kitty Carmen
I did adopt a new kitty this week on Monday Feb 10. My plan was to wait a couple months to allow myself time to heal. Our plan was to get a small dog first get it house trained and in the spring start our search for a new kitty. I went to the animal shelter last Saturday and the dog rooms were quarantine due to a cough. So I decided to look at the cats (though I originally had no intentions of looking at cats). This little kitty saw me first and started to meow a lot and stuck her little paws out of the cage to get my attention. And she did. This little cat looks so much like Hoot, I could not believe it. Her face was a little different but the resemblance of her side profile and the back of her head were uncanny. I took my kids back that same day minutes before the shelter closed, it was apparent this kitty chose us and was the right one. I disinfected my house Sunday as a precaution, and on Monday we went back and adopted this kitty. Kitty is 5 months old, and full of curiosity and energy, her shelter name is Carmen. We have a lot of getting to know each other to do but she will help us heal over our loss of Hoot. The past few days have confirmed she is the right kitty to follow in the Hoot's footsteps.

New Kitty keeping me from reading my new Dr. Oz magazine

Now to find my son Aaron a little dog, he has been begging for one for a few years, but Hoot was an only pet and didn't want friends.

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