Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gold Spray Painted Placemats

Wow, what a week. My 19 year old cat is sick, so its been a rough week. I am hoping for some positive news from the vet but trying to be realistic at the same time.

I wanted to post a little (and I mean little) project I did before New Years. Sorry my pics are only partially done settings, I was tearing down Christmas when I did this.

I bought these place mats at Ikea and then forgot about them for months! I found them and decided to try out my gold spray paint on them. When I bought them they reminded me of the gold nest runner and placemats at ZGallerie. The 4 pack of placemats at ZGallerie is $19.80 plus tax and shipping. I paid $2.99 per placemat at Ikea plus tax.

I only sprayed one side, I could do the other side but I thought having the natural side down was fine. I need a white or light colored tablecloth to make the gold pop (or a new table, hint hint).

The difference is subtle from the natural color, but really in person the gold is lovely. I think I may buy some more and spray them in silver for a choice and depending on which colors I choose to decorate with.

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