Friday, January 24, 2014

Recipe: PB Banana Bombs

Another recipe! I have been on a recipe roll this month. I try to think about things I like and things that I like to make and can share, guess my brain is functioning again, WOO-HOO! It's no secret to anyone that knows me that I have a hugely massive sweet tooth. I would eat nothing but sweets if I could.

Because I like sweets as much as I do, it is important to find treats that are better for me than Snickers and Twinkies, not that I sit around eating Snickers and Twinkies but you get my point ;-)  I do like to eat frozen fruit bars, but many of these are full of sugar so I don't pig out on these but eat them occasionally. I need to make some homemade fruit bars to control the sugar, I will let you know how this turns out.

A treat I do like is PB Banana Bombs, they are like little bon-bons. I take a banana slice it up, and make little peanut butter banana sandwiches. You can cut the banana as thick as you like. Top with a little bit of PB and then place another banana slice on top. Freeze this on a wax paper lined baking sheet until frozen then coat with chocolate.

You don't have to use 2 banana slices, you can do one banana slice with PB and freeze and dip. You can also top with any kind of peanut butter, nut butter, or nutella. You can coat them in any kind of chocolate, its really a preference thing.

I used Earth Balance regular Peanut Butter (I also have used Earth Balance Coconut PB), and semisweet chocolate chips. Next time I might do a natural peanut butter or almond butter and dip in dark chocolate. I have not tried nutella yet, lord help me if I do...

I do put a little shortening in the melted chocolate chips, but you don't have to. Once you coat the frozen banana sandwich the chocolate almost immediately hardens.

I store these in a baggie or a freezer safe bowl. These little treats are great for sugar cravings, I usually eat one and am satisfied.

Great creative with these and Enjoy!

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